• Mar 1, 2019

For dogs therefore owners of animals need to treat care of ears of pets with special attention. In acoustical passes sulfur which causes discomfort and provokes diseases accumulates. That the pet was healthy and cheerful, owners need to know secrets of the correct cleaning of ears at dogs.

How to Clean to a Dog Ears

Frequency of the procedure

Frequency of Cleaning of Ears at a Dog

When holding a procedure of cleaning of ears at a dog it is necessary to observe a measure. If to clean an auricle at the pet just every day, then it is possible to do it harm — on the surface of skin there will be microinjuries where fungi and bacteria will soon lodge.

In small amounts the sulfur and fat which are produced in auricles are even necessary as they protect a gentle thin skin from dust, stings of insects, temperature differences. Not to do much harm to a dog, removing a useful layer, the owner has to know with what frequency to carry out the procedure . Frequency of hygiene depends on breed of a dog. To lop-eared pets carry out manipulations approximately once a week, and korotkoukhy need it much less often. But before beginning cleaning, it is necessary to be convinced that it is really necessary.

Trailing ears interfere with air circulation owing to what dust, dirt accumulates inside, sulfur is formed. The condition of ears of the pet needs to be checked regularly. If sulfur did not accumulate, then you should not make manipulation even if there passed already enough time.

As It Is Correct to Clean Ears to Dogs

At the owner the dog with standing ears of such problems will not be at all. At these breeds ears are well ventilated, do not sweat, dirt does not get there, grease canals are not filled. Any pollution can be found and cleaned at once. Careful cleaning can even not be required — to check enough from time to time acoustical passes and to remove pollution by a damp tampon.

To understand whether the animal needs the procedure, needs to pass a test — a Q-tip or to carry out by a disk on the internal surface of an auricle.

If on cotton wool did not remain any traces or there is hardly noticeable gray or yellowish raid, then cleaning can be postponed. If dirt is visible, then the dog needs the hygienic procedure.

Process of cleaning of ears

That the dog treated the procedure calmly, she should be accustomed since the childhood. It is necessary to work accurately and quietly, it is impossible to shout at an animal. If with hygiene of acoustical passes at the pet it is not connected any unpleasant associations, he will transfer it absolutely quietly.

For holding a procedure it is necessary to prepare necessary accessories:

  1. Q-tips and disks;
  2. wet towel wipes;
  3. ear lotion.

It is necessary to clean ears when the pet is relaxed and feels safe . The hygienic procedure happens as follows:

As well as than to Clean Ears to a Dog

  1. The pet is seated nearby, trying that he did not move. The small doggie can be taken on hands. It is good if the assistant who will hold a canine friend is near.
  2. Auricles are examined, defining extent of pollution.
  3. If dirt and sulfur are not enough, will be to wipe the internal surface of an ear with a damp wadded disk or a piece of a gauze enough.
  4. At strong pollution use special lotions. Means is filled in in acoustical pass, mass the basis of an ear and give to the pet the chance to shake by the head that liquid was distributed.
  5. At large dogs auricles wipe with the wadded disk or a finger wound by bandage. At small breeds it is convenient to purge Q-tips.
  6. For each ear use separate material for cleaning.
  7. Upon termination of the procedure it is recommended to praise the pet and to treat him with favourite delicacy.

the Correct and timely care of ears of a canine friend will help it to feel fresh also cheerful and will save from diseases.

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