• Sep 20, 2019

Sometimes parents, having given in on the child's arrangements, get a rat as the pet. Whether it is worth doing it?

 the Child holds a rat of a photo

On a photo: child and rat

The rat in this sense differs in nothing from other animals. Sometimes people bring the pet and say that it – for children. However it is necessary that at the same time parents were keen on animals and participated in process of care of them. No matter, whom you get: hamster, rat or dog.

If parents of animals do not love, and want only that to the child it was more cheerful, then animals most often suffer.

In our club many have small children who communicate with rats. However it is necessary to do it under supervision of parents.

 the Child kisses a rat of a photo

On a photo: rat and child

First, the child can injure a rat: to kill a pad, to break a tail or it is just unsuccessful to take in hand and to squeeze too strongly.

Secondly, there is a probability that when the child hurts a rat, that in reply to it will bite.

Unfortunately, often rats are thrown. The person remembers how in the childhood he had a rat, and decides to please the child. And the child is not able to treat correctly a small animal, and the rat becomes aggressive. Or children will just play enough and lose interest in the pet.

Therefore I do not advise

at all to buy to the child an animal as a toy, whether it be a rat, a popugaychik or a worm.

If you want to present to the child a rat, once again think whether you are ready to bear responsibility for her, including to spend big money for treatment and to create all necessary conditions.

 the Rat on a photo palm

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