• Nov 20, 2018

Presently many in family have dogs. But at the same time not all people know how it is correct to look after the pet. We will understand this article how to create the correct conditions for her life for a dog.

Correct Care of Dogs

Care of the pet means several measures, such as:

The dog is required to be combed out, cut periodically and from time to time to bathe. It is necessary to look after puppies more accurately, they have skin which is sensitive to external influences. The dogs living in the apartment constantly fade as in the apartment the same temperature, unlike the street constantly remains.

It is necessary to comb out short-haired and sleek-haired dogs 1-2 times a week a rigid brush. Long-haired dogs need to be combed out every day to depilate the died-off skin and dropped out. Such rassasyvaniye strengthens a woolen cover of your pet. Process of a molt practically does not concern long-haired dogs. They need to be subjected to trimming two times a year.

Correct Care of Dogs

Trimming — manual plucking out. For each pet it is individual.

The dog is required to be bathed periodically at room temperature about 10 minutes. During bathing it is worth using the shampoos intended for dogs. During bathing there should not be drafts, because of big sensitivity of dogs to it. Do not use force. Bathing is obliged to bring only good emotions. Be tender, talk to a dog. Short-haired dogs it is possible just to wipe a towel, and dogs with long wool it is necessary to dry the hair dryer, but do not frighten the pet during these procedures.

Myagkosherstny and long-haired dogs are required to be cut periodically. Depending on woolen a cover of the pet it is required to subject to a grooming of times in one-two months. Most often it is necessary to cut those dogs at whom hair can clog ears, in the investigation of what problems with hearing appear.

Also important once a month to cut claws of your dog, but if you to walk a dog on firm surfaces, then claws are erased, and it is authorized to carry out this procedure much less often. When you cut nails, do it gradually not to put damage to blood vessels, otherwise the dog will begin to be afraid given bathings.

Correct Care of Dogs

needs Also to cut wool between fingers to interfere with emergence of a fungus.

It is necessary to clean periodically ears of a dog for prevention of otitis. Survey it is also necessary to purge once in a week. If your pet all the same has an irritation, address the veterinarian.

It is necessary to watch hygiene of an oral cavity of your dog. Health of this area can be supported by means of the healthy meat nutrition. The dog needs to train teeth. For this purpose the dog should gnaw special rubber toys.

Do not forget to process regularly the dog from ticks and fleas. For this purpose use a special collar and drops which drip on withers that the dog could not touch the processed site.

Observing the recommendations specified in this text the dog will have an excellent hygiene. Leaving is required to be combined with healthy balanced by food. On counters of shops a wide choice of the dry balanced feeds.

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