• Mar 12, 2020

Certainly, each owner wants that his dog acquired and carried out rules of accommodation in family, that is was disciplined and safe. However for centuries of dogs brought up by exclusively violent methods, and any other approach was associated with permissiveness. But whether the discipline and violence are connected? Whether it is possible to receive the disciplined dog, using humane methods in education and training?

Certainly, it is possible! It is important to know how to do it it is correct.

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Why violence in education of a dog is harmful?

Fortunately, for the last scientists learned a couple of decades about psychology and behavior of dogs more, than for all last millennia. And already none of the researches which got acquainted with results will deny that the way based on violence – unacceptable cruelty in the address with these surprising creations. And perfectly well-mannered, disciplined dog it is possible to receive, interacting with her by exclusively humane methods. Agree, it is far more pleasant both for a dog, and for the owner (if, of course, he has no sadistic bents, but it is already the sphere of psychopathology into which we will not go deep here).

Certainly, in life of any dog there have to be rules. But they are necessary to order life of a dog, to bring in it predictability , but not that to intimidate her.

It is impossible to use concerning a dog such violent methods as a beating, breakthroughs by a lead, suffocations, alpha revolutions and other remnants of the terrible past. These are the methods which are still actively recommended by some cynologists who do not have desire or ability to master other approach – "people eats".

Violence was justified (and continue to justify) with the fact that it allegedly helps to prove who " main in pack". However upon it only undermines confidence of a dog to the person and also it is capable to provoke reciprocal aggression or to create the learned helplessness. The concept of domination of dogs over people is recognized for a long time as insolvent as was under construction on the wrong prerequisites which do not have any relation to reality. But all the same it with enviable stubbornness continues to be brought to masses. And many owners are proud of how they "subdue" dominant. Though there is nothing to be proud … here

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How to bring up the disciplined dog without violence?

Dogs do not try to dominate over a look "homo sapiens" or to enslave it. They only try to adapt to those conditions which were created for them by owners. It is no more, it is not less. And a task of the competent and responsible owner – to help the pet, but not to aggravate a situation with own cruelty.

The main ways of education of the disciplined dog:

  • Creation of acceptable of living conditions .
  • Creation of conditions in order that the problem behavior was not shown (management of a situation). Because, as we know, prevention – the best treatment.
  • Training in the correct behavior by encouragement. Choose the correct encouragement "here and now" and support in time. Convince a dog that it is safe to deal with you, and to cooperate – pleasantly and favourably.
  • Gradual increase in level of requirements, the principle "from simple to difficult".
  • Ignoring of problem behavior (the behavior which is not supported dies away), or switching and training in an acceptable alternative (because the motivation anyway demands satisfaction), or use of negative punishment (for example, the termination of a game or a timeout) – depending on what is more appropriate in a concrete situation. These ways of correction are clear to a dog, learn to make a right choice and are not for it a source of an additional stress.
These rules work with any dog, irrespective of her sizes and breed. The owner's task – to learn to apply them. And to cease to accuse, at last, a dog of all mortal sins.
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It is not as difficult as can seem, the main thing – desire and … slightly self-discipline. Eventually, the person – a being reasonable. So, maybe, it is worth using reason in forming of relationship with a canine friend?

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