• Aug 27, 2019
your dog ate chocolate. It would seem that here it? Let's understand.

 the Dog eats photo chocolate

It is possible for dogs chocolate?

Cocoa beans, the main ingredient of chocolate, contains substance, poisonous for dogs, theobromine. On the structure theobromine is very similar to caffeine. Theobromine as well as caffeine possesses exciting action on nervous system, increasing wakefulness time.
 the Dog got poisoned with chocolate On a photo — a dog after poisoning with chocolate and nights in hospital on a drip.
In small quantity theobromine increases inflow of oxygen to a brain, the heart rate and inflow of nutrients to a brain. But in an organism of dogs, unlike a human body, theobromine is acquired badly that causes longer effect on dogs.

So chocolate is impossible for dogs – it can become the reason of poisoning and even death. Chocolate is poisonous for dogs – in literal sense.

 the Dog eats photo chocolate

Poisoning with chocolate at dogs

Symptoms of poisoning with chocolate at dogs can be shown within 6 – 12 hours after hit of chocolate in an organism of a dog. Therefore you should not relax if right after consumption of chocolate your dog has no symptoms of poisoning.

Symptoms of poisoning with chocolate at dogs

  • At first a dog to become hyperactive.
  • Vomiting.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Temperature increase of a body.
  • Spasms.
  • Rigidity of muscles.
  • Lowering of arterial pressure.
  • Increase of breath and heartbeat.
  • At high concentration of theobromine an acute heart failure, oppression, a coma.
 Poisoning with chocolate at dogs of a photo

the Lethal dose of chocolate for dogs

we Will deal with dangerous doses of theobromine which contains in chocolate, for dogs.

Is concept LD50 — the average dose of substance leading to death. For dogs of LD50 makes 300 mg on 1 kg of body weight.

theobromine Content in chocolate depends on its grade:
  • Up to 60 mg in 30 g of milk chocolate
  • Up to 400 mg in 30 g bitter
the Lethal dose of chocolate for a dog weighing 30 kg makes 4.5 kg of milk chocolate or 677 g of bitter chocolate.
But deterioration in health it is observed at reception much of smaller amount of chocolate!

the Size and age of a dog also to a large extent influence an outcome: than the dog or the less her size is more senior, the risk of serious poisonings and lethal consequences is more.

the Dog ate chocolate: what to do?

If you noticed that the dog ate chocolate, the main thing – not to panic. From you the composure is necessary to save the tail.
  1. It is necessary to cause vomiting (but it makes sense only if there passed no more than 1 hour after the dog ate chocolate).
  2. there is no Specific antidote for theobromine therefore treatment of poisoning with chocolate at dogs has symptomatic character.
  3. It is necessary to address urgently in a vetklinik to define severity of poisoning and in due time to help.

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