• Dec 30, 2020

to Many owners not to avoid campaigns with the pet to to the groomer. And the relation to procedures for leaving in many respects depends further from the first impression. When the first time to go to the groomer and how not to frighten a dog?

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When the first time to go to the groomer?

Many experts recommend to begin acquaintance to groomers when to a puppy 2 months are executed. Especially if in the future you plan to attend exhibitions.

If the puppy still lives at the manufacturer, it is better to bring it into salon in escort of mother, so the kid will feel more quietly. Certainly, if the adult dog does not panic at the sight of a table for a grooming.

How not to frighten a dog during the first visit to the groomer?

It is very important that the first visit to the groomer did not frighten a dog. And it is extremely important to leave at a puppy a good impression about this place. From it in many respects the further relation to procedures for leaving depends.

The groomer surely has to communicate to a dog prior to the procedures. You you can take with yourself favourite delicacies of a canine friend to create pleasant associations with visit of salon.

If to you suggest to use tranquilizers, it is an occasion to prick up the ears.

Also it is worth electing other master if to you do not allow to be present during the procedure. At least it is very important to owner to watch the first time work expert.

The good groomer avoids sharp movements, is not enough a dog, does not shout at it and does not pull. He insists on the softly and surely. Well, and, of course, it is important to be guided by reaction of a dog. If after the procedures the pet does not hurry to leave salon, and next time willingly goes there, so you made a right choice.

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