• Aug 27, 2019

It can do happens and outdoors and in the city. Your fast and correct actions not only will facilitate a condition of the favourite, but also will save to it life.


the Instruction for first-aid treatment to a dog during a heat

Solar / heatstroke at a dog

Signs :

  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • oppression
  • short wind
  • depression
  • ataxy
  • stupor
  • attacks
  • blindness
  • vestibular violations
  • arrhythmias.

How to okazaat to a dog first aid ?

  1. To cool in any way (it is the best of all to wet and put under the fan).
  2. When temperature fell up to 40 degrees, to cease to cool.
  3. To observe 24 — 48 hours (the renal failure, brain hypostasis can develop).
  4. It is better to make blood test and to carry out in clinic of infusion.

Burns at dogs

  1. Any oil!
  2. To water with cold water (as long as possible).
  3. If a wound open – to wash with physical solution, to apply a sterile bandage.
  4. It is important to shave wool (otherwise all extent of defeat can be not visible) – the sedation, anesthesia can be necessary.
  5. Surgical processing and antibiotic treatment can be required.

Incomplete drowning of a dog

The dog spent in water some time and when it was got, it unconscious.
Deterioration in a state can occur in 24 — 48 hours. It can be:

  • neurologic violations (to a coma)
  • hypothermia.

It is necessary to watch a dog.

How to give a dog first aid :
1. To clean airways (a finger — over language, but NOT under language).
2. Geymlikh's reception can help (but no more than 3 times).
But do not spend on it time if the dog sank in fresh water!
3. If there was a spasm of a glottis and air does not come to a dog, it is necessary in a nose of a dog (at the closed mouth) very strongly and very quickly to blow the large volume of air.
4. Warm and pulmonary resuscitation.

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