• Sep 17, 2019

In the nature of a horse quickly occupy a certain niche in herd and hold it, getting used to "collective". And change of herd and the stable can be perceived by a horse very negatively. Therefore a task of the person – to make moving to the new stable as less as possible painful.

 the Horse moves to the new stable of a photo
On a photo: the horse is got in коневоз

Joe Byrd offers
5 rules which will help a horse to get used better to the new house and, perhaps, to the new owner.
  1. If it is about change of the owner and he wants to change horses a name, you should not do it at once. It is possible to pick up other name which will be phonetic as it is possible closer to old.
  2. Changes are entered into a diet of a horse gradually.
  3. If it is possible, continue to use things to which the horse got used: feeding trough, reptukhy, body cloth, etc. After them it will be possible to replace, but at the first stage they help a horse quicker and easier to adapt.
  4. Before letting out a horse in unfamiliar herd, allow it to make friends with someone from his members.
  5. If horses walk round the clock, it is worth bringing the beginner not later, than for an hour before twilight. So it will have an opportunity to explore the site by the light of day.
As a rule, horses, having spent night on the new place, get used to it and to the new vital schedule.
 Moving of a horse to the new stable of a photo

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