• Jan 24, 2019

of the Cat there are beautiful creatures. Each owner of such pet knows about it. How many caress is given by them to the person as cheerfully to play with them! Unfortunately, besides good points, owners of pets undergo also some inconveniences. Quite difficult happens to disaccustom a cat to tear up a sofa.

Reasons of Such Behaviour

of the Reason of such behavior

Education Methods

Such behavior is peculiar to many animals of the cat family. In the wild nature they tear up trees with the purpose to mark the territory, having left the smell on bark. Besides, for animals it is the necessary hygienic procedure.

When the cat tears up furniture, it keeps health and sharpness of the claws is a peculiar cat's manicure. In the course of this procedure from claws the top cover which the pet does not need any more disappears. In a different way independently cats cannot get rid of it. Besides, destroying chairs and sofas, the animal trains to release claws. This skill is necessary for survival and hunting.

By means of this ritual some cats reduce stress. If the pet is angry, then he can vent all the rage on a sofa.

education Methods

The animal needs to be disaccustomed to tear up sofas. Exist the next ways:

  • Removal of claws.
  • Kogtetochka.
  • Silicone nozzles for claws.
  • Sprays.

Each of these ways has the positive and negative sides. The careful owner should study everything pros and cons before decision-making.

Removal of claws

Removal of Claws

Some veterinary hospitals offer special operation — an onikhektomiya . Onikhektomiya assumes full removal of claws. Many consider that it is the best exit, but most of veterinarians agree in opinion that it is cruel to an animal, together with a claw also the finger piece is removed. Besides, cats very hard transfer an anesthesia.

Operation does the pet by the disabled person as after its carrying out coordination of movements is broken that deprives a cat of grace peculiar to it and dexterity. In certain cases after an onikhektomiya backbone pains are observed. Whether it is worth saying that the favourite's life after operation turns into a continuous stress.

Use of a kogtetochka

Use of a Kogtetochka

Kogtetochka — the special adaptation intended in order that the cat did the manicure without damaging furniture. But often happens that she simply ignores such useful thing in economy, continuing to scratch sofas. And there is it because many owners forget to accustom an animal to adaptation. It is desirable to begin to give lessons of use of a kogtetochka still to little kittens as in infancy they give in to training better. To show to the kid of advantage of this thing, it is necessary to take a cat's pad and to carry out accurately by her on a kogtetochka. Perhaps, it is necessary to repeat this action several times.

It is necessary to install adaptation where the pet plays most often. It is possible to use valerian to attract a kitten to a kogtetochka. It is enough to apply on it only one drop.

Silicone slips and special sprays

Silicone Slips and Special Sprays

Not so long ago there was an innovative method of a solution — silicone caps on claws . For fastening on claws special glue is used. Way this quite humane, but expensive and troublesome. It is necessary to change caps once a week, previously filing the grown claws. It is the best of all to carry out this procedure in zoosalon.

In pet-shops sprays which smell is not pleasant to cats are on sale. Their producers promise that if to sprinkle a little this spray furniture, then the animal will not approach it. However, as practice shows, many animals continue to do the dirty deed. To disaccustom a fluffy it is possible to tear up furniture, but for this purpose owners need a lot of patience.

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