• Dec 13, 2018

Around a subject of sterilization of cats still brisk disputes go. Zoodefenders consider that operation is necessary for each animal, but not everyone shares their opinion. Owners consider such method inhumane, reasoning it with the fact that the quality and longevity of the pet decrease. Sooner or later the animal has a desire to continue a sort. Then to calm a cat if she asks a cat, becomes an important task for family.

What to Do if the Cat Asks a Cat

Frequency of desire

The sexual activity increases seasonally and age of a cat. Owners, to whose pets half a year during a spring season is executed, it is necessary especially difficult. During this period of year of a female especially actively want to breed. They begin to show the state as follows:

  • aggression in relation to the owner;
  • attempts to run out on the street through a door or a window;
  • howl day and night.

How to Calm a Cat

The animal tries in any way to run away from the house. It thinks only of how to continue a sort. Within a year at cats can not appear strong indications of sexual activity. The most difficult period in their behavior comes after the beginning of a techka. It lasts for several weeks. the First signs that at a cat there came the techka:

  • genitals are increased;
  • the appetite vanishes;
  • there are allocations;
  • frequent desires in a toilet.

During this special period of a cat behave not so aggressively as cats. But their behavior all the same becomes intolerable for inhabitants of the house. All month they can attack owners, bite them and scratch. The female in search of a cat begins to shout, rub loudly and uneasily about objects and to spoil furniture.

techka Duration

Frequency of sexual desire at cats has dependence on some factors. When the animal is all right with health, this period can come up to 6 times a year. If adult females demand a cat for 1 — 2 weeks, then young which have a techka for the first time, can not correspond to this indicator. In case of long preservation of symptoms of a pet it is necessary to show to the veterinarian. It can demonstrate to hormonal failure and other problems in a reproductive system.

Beautiful Photos with a Cat

It is considered to be that right after a techka the female has to return to the habitual rhythm of life. Actually everything is individual. After every unsatisfied time even the most well-mannered cat becomes more aggressive.

The embitternment will collect more and more over time. You should not wait that after control of desire the house favourite will become same obedient, as before. She needs the help to facilitate the period.

Methods of a solution

How to Remove Desire to Stay with a Cat at a Cat

Dangerous symptoms of various diseases can be mixed from the beginning of a techka. Before struggling with sexual desire, it is important to exclude course of diseases in an organism of a cat. It is worth addressing the veterinarian if she uneasily shouts, at the same time does not lift a basin and does not rub about objects.

During a techka the female needs to be isolated from males as any cat can excite it. There were cases when the cat began to behave especially aggressively, having seen "groom" on TV therefore it is necessary to be more attentive not to allow any contacts. It will help to protect the alumna from the most severe stress. Owners, in whose the house heterosexual animals in common live, should send the favourite to the difficult period on overexposure.

Medicamentous means

People in search of methods of calm of a cat resort to use of special drugs. Now in vetapteka the good selection of medicines is offered. They save animals from desire, but at the same time render a big stress on an organism and cause unpleasant consequences.

Soothing medicines have negative effect on nervous system. During their reception the cat begins to be tired quicker, to sleep and behave more passively. Sexual desire at the same time remains at the same level. The pet can give the medicines created for the person. Tincture of a valerian, New Passit and Glitsin is most often applied. Also there are special veterinary drops. Widespread soothing medicines:

Fiteks for a Cat

  • Фитэкс;
  • Kot Bayun;
  • Stop stress.

These drugs are created not only for the termination of a techka, but also for removal of attacks of aggressive behavior at a cat. They have sedative action. After their use the female leads an inactive life, constantly sleeps. Thanks to it unpleasant symptoms are stopped. Drops are not safe for nervous system. Cats who within several years accept them lose interest in life and become passive.

National ways

It is possible to struggle with violent behavior of an animal also make-shifts, but at the same time you should not hope for long effect. It is possible to solve a problem such approach at most per day. However some owners regularly resort to soothing procedures if only not to stuff the favourite with dangerous medicines.

Warm compresses — the fastest and easy way allowing to calm an animal. For this purpose it is possible to use a blanket or a hot-water bottle. It should be taken into account that it is temporary measures which will not solve a problem completely. Other popular methods:

How to Calm a Cat

  1. To pour cold water. It will help to distract a cat. She within 3 hours will lick wool then she will fall asleep.
  2. To isolate in the certain room.
  3. To wet under a tail slightly warmed up water. Warmly for a while will remove stress.
  4. To turn on the classical music.
  5. To distract a game. Movements will exhaust an animal. As soon as the cat has a rest and will have a sleep, she will start over again demanding a cat.
  6. Not to feed. Such advice is given by veterinarians as a last resort. It is the best of all to give to the pet food in the small portions, glut causes aggression.

sterilization Merits and demerits

Doctors consider that the best method of disposal of shouts and aggression is sterilization. Of course, not all agree to send the favourite cat for operation. But drugs not only give temporary effect, but also lead to serious diseases. of Advantage of carrying out sterilization:

  • the cat becomes friendly and playful;
  • regular shouts stop;
  • desire to escape from the house vanishes;
  • the aggression disappears.

The operation performed at early age guarantees that the cat will be obedient. Also the risk of appearance of diseases of an urinogenital system will decrease.

Surgery in an organism has the shortcomings. Sterile cats often suffer from excess weight. To avoid obesity, it is necessary to give to an animal sufficient physical activity. It is impossible to overfeed the pet. Also after sterilization in an organism of the house favourite there will be a metabolic disorder capable to lead to development of an urolithic disease.

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