• Sep 17, 2019

When the stable is projected and under construction, conveniences to people are often provided, and the comfort of a horse is provided by the residual principle. But for whom the stable has to be under construction: for horses who live there, or for people who come to visit? And how to make stay of a horse in the stable comfortable?

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the Stable for horses: organization of life

To make the stable for horses as it is possible more comfortably, it is worth following a number of rules:

  1. safety, comfort for a horse and convenience to the person have to be only then the Main principles at design and construction of the stable for a horse.
  2. the Horse has to see other animals. And other horses have to be so close that animals could feel a smell of each other and communicate.
  3. do not think that if the horse walks or the whole day is grazed, at night to her it will be comfortable in isolation. Rule No. 2 works round the clock.
  4. it is good if the door from the stall conducts in Levada, at the same time it is always open. So the horse will have a possibility of the choice: to be in the stable or under the open sky. You are surprised how often horses choose the second. Sometimes even during a heavy rain they prefer "water procedures" to an imprisonment within four walls.
  5. Think over soil type on the parade-ground and in an arena. It has to be not too firm, but at the same time not too soft, not dusty, not slippery and not viscous. It is also important to support soil in good condition.
  6. the Covered arena needs good ventilation.
  7. Stalls of 3 by 3 meters in size will fit unless to a small pony. The horse needs enough place safely to lay down and rise. To understand what to a large horse in the close room, present that you were lodged in the camera of 1.5 by 1.5 meters in size – hardly you will be happy.
  8. In the wild nature of a horse choose with whom to them to communicate, but in modern stables they are most often deprived of option. And still try to consider their preferences: lodge friends in the neighboring stalls and let out them in Levada or on a pasture together. If in the neighboring stalls there are conflicting horses, it is fraught with a chronic stress.
  9. it is better to place the Feeding trough so that at meal time the horse had an opportunity to see what occurs around. It is worth feeding a horse from a floor – such position natural to a horse and it is optimum in terms of physiology.

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