• Aug 27, 2019
Parasites (ticks and fleas) can cause a lot of trouble to dogs, so, and to their owners. Therefore each responsible owner of a dog is concerned by a question: how to protect the pet from parasites? Perhaps, there is a magic tablet from fleas and ticks? And we can answer – is! Not magic, but quite real. It is the tablet Frontlayn Neksgard.

Active ingredient of medicine – an afoksolaner, инсектоакарицид from group of izoksazolin.

the Tablet from fleas and ticks Frontlayn Neksgard is issued in 4 convenient options of a dosage: 0.5 g, 1.25 g, 3 g and 6 g

Why it is worth choosing a tablet from fleas and ticks Frontlayn Neksgard?

the Tablet from fleas and ticks Frontlayn Neksgard has a number of essential advantages:
  1. Reliably kills fleas and the ixodic pincers which already "occupied" your dog that is gives relief and to you, and the pet.
  2. the Tablet works very quickly: begins "to work" in 30 minutes after reception, fleas begin to perish in 30 minutes after the dog eats a tablet. Cannot provide to such speed of action drops or collars. At the same time the tablet completely destroys fleas within 6 hours, and ticks – within 24 hours. But in 4 hours after giving Frontalayn Neksgard with a dog it is possible to go for a walk to places of possible attack of pincers that is 6 times faster, than in case of drops!
  3. Broad spectrum of activity. Medicine effectively destroys 8 types of ixodic pincers, three of which are the most frequent carriers of a dangerous disease of a babezioz (piroplasmosis).
  4. Frontlayn Neksgard is safe for dogs that is confirmed by both laboratory, and field researches. For example, the active ingredient an afoksolaner which is a part Frontlayn Neksgard it is possible to overdose by 5 times without any serious collateral reactions!
  5. Protects from repeated infection of a dog with fleas and ticks for 4 weeks, that is you for a long time will forget about a problem. And in a month just give to the pet 1 more tablet.
  6. you do not need to make efforts and to spend time to process a dog. Everything that from you it is required – to give her a tablet. What can be simpler?
  7. the Smell and taste of a tablet from fleas and ticks Frontlayn Neksgard very much is pleasant to dogs therefore you without effort feed medicine to the pet. And if you have a suspicious fastidious person, it is possible just to add a tablet to a forage.

How to calculate a tablet dosage from fleas and ticks Frontlayn Neksgard?

is simple to Calculate a dosage – it depends on the mass of a dog. We prepared for you the table.

Mass of a dog
the Mass of a tablet from fleas and ticks
of 2 - 4 kg
of 0.5 g
of 4.1 - 10 kg
of 1.25 g
of 10.1 - 25 kg
of 3 g
of 25.1 - 50 kg
of 6 g

there Are contraindications?

As well as any medicine, a tablet from fleas and ticks Frontlayn Neksgard has contraindications. It cannot be given:
  • the sick and weakened animal,
  • to puppies of age up to 8 weeks,
  • to dogs weighing less than 2 kg,
  • animal of other types.
Thus if you need fast and effective protection if your dog likes to bathe or you often wash it with shampoo and it is for some reason difficult to you to observe correctness of processing by spray or drops, then you unambiguously should use the medicine Frontlayn Neksgard. Especially as such option of processing from fleas and ticks, most likely, is necessary to your dog on вкусу.

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