• Aug 26, 2019
If you gather in trip with a dog , it is worth thinking over in advance what to take with itself. The more responsibly you will approach this question, the more comfortably and you, and the pet will feel on the way.

What to take in the road, gathering in a trip with a dog?

First of all, think of food. Will feed more conveniently a dog on a trip with a dry feed, natural products quickly spoil, especially on a heat. If you adhered to natural food, in advance transfer a dog to a new diet (it is worth beginning a minimum in 1 month prior to a trip).

Before choosing a forage, is good to consult with the veterinarian. And also to find out whether there is such forage in the country of destination (if, of course, you do not carry a sufficient stock with yourself).

Remember that the dog on a trip has to have a drinking water. On sale there are special road drinking bowls, they develop and almost do not take the place.

do not forget a collar, a lead and a muzzle.

Get a cage or carrying even if you go on own car. Anyway, the bottom has to be waterproof. On a bottom lay a diaper from the absorbing material and take some more pieces with yourself.

Specify rules of transportation of a dog in the country of destination to avoid unpleasant surprises, specify tariffs and in advance weigh the pet in a cage.

On a trip can rock to sleep a dog, and plastic bags will be necessary for you.

Stock up with
with wet towel wipes that in case of an unpleasant surprise you could eliminate consequences quickly.
 the Dog on a photo trip

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