• Dec 14, 2020

Massage – excellent means to help a dog to relax. The weakening massage also improves blood circulation and in general well affects health of a dog. It is especially useful for irritable, disturbing dogs, but any pet will be grateful to you for the weakening massage. How to do the weakening massage to a dog?

The Fleet Dog Is Weakened Lies on a Photo Sofa
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How to do the weakening massage to a dog

It is better that the dog lay. Fingers of hands during massage do not rastopyrivatsya also remain straight lines. Degree of pressure depends on specific features your dog. It is always better to begin with easier pressing, and if it is necessary, then to increase pressure degree. Hands move slowly.

In the beginning you slightly stroke the pet on all body, moving on to the direction of growth of wool (from a neck to a tail). It helps a dog to relax, prepares for the subsequent touches and strengthens contact with the owner.

Then you carry out by a palm along edges, from a back to a stomach. The palm has to to be open. It is possible to do slight circular motions in intercostal space dogs.

After that you mass shoulders of a dog. And accurately you extend lobbies paws (one hand remains at a shoulder, the second passes along a paw to a wrist). Circular movements mass fingers of a dog. Slightly you bend and you unbend a paw.

You straighten a hinder leg (but you do not pull).

Circular motions you mass a breast (both palms).

Slightly you mass area around ears of a dog. Thumbs – in an ear dogs, the others – outside. Then gentle movements you pull an ear of a dog – from the bases to a tip.

You mass the basis of a neck of a dog and slightly you stretch it, but at the same time it is important not to pull the pet "by the scruff".

A tail – continuation of a backbone of a dog so you should not forget about it. Take a tail in a hand and several times accurately carry out from the basis to to tip. It is important that when one hand approaches a tip, the second was on the basis – and then they change.

Your emotional spirit is very important. You have to are relaxed, breathe measuredly. It is possible to talk to a dog, but by a quiet, quiet voice.

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