• Aug 29, 2019

Old dogs differ in less flexible thinking, than young people, it is heavier to them to change habits and to study new. However it is possible to train old dogs nevertheless.

 Training of an old dog of a photo
Training of old dogs is carried out by the same principles, as young people, but there are features.

Rules of training of old dogs

  1. Watch a condition of a dog, do not overload her. If you see that the pet was tired or badly feels, occupation should be stopped.
  2. Remember that the old dog needs more time for assimilation of team. Give it this time.
  3. Explain to an elderly dog new accurately, without excessive imposing.
  4. Think what you teach a dog to. Make a start from physical capacities of the pet. Not all tricks available to young dogs can execute elderly.
  5. Consider that the old dog saved up huge baggage of life experience, and it is not always known, there was it positive or negative. So it is impossible to exclude a protest of a dog during training.
  6. Train an old dog short blocks several times a day.
for the rest training of an old dog does not differ from training young. So, contrary to a saying, it is quite possible to teach an old dog to new tricks.
 the dog shows tricks

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