• Sep 19, 2019

Rats are very clever, playful, curious and bright animals that helps to train them easily.

 decorative rat and piano

Why it is easy for

to train rats?

By nature in them the aspiration to development and creation of logical chains which lead to the achieved objectives is put. Without it it would be simple to them not to survive. We just learned to understand them and to send impetuous energy to the correct course.

It would be desirable to note still that they constantly communicate with each other, transfer information on arrangement of goodies in the apartment as to them to reach and that it is necessary to make to catch a desirable prize.

Once we trained two rats. They needed to play with a ball or to take it in pads and to lift. They received yum-yum for it. Trainings we spent couple of days on minutes 5-15 only with two when at this time the rest of pack rushed on walking. But at one of such moments the third girlfriend who did not participate in training suddenly runs up, but watched all this, pushes a ball and waits for yum-yum. It would seem from where she knows what needs to be done? Now three of them try to intercept each other a ball to catch desired yum-yum.

Rats perfectly react to voice commands, but they have to be short, accurate and in the ode of intonation. They know the nicknames. If, for example, you look for them in the room, it is possible just to call by name one of a flock, or to call all on a sound by voice which reminds click of the pen. It is also possible to call typical cat's pussycats pussycats.

Clicker training of rats

When we with the girl began to be engaged in a krysovodstvo, with admiration watched different videos where rats run, carry balls, throw them in a ring, run through tunnels and carry out other interesting tricks. But we did not represent how it becomes.

First we just suggested a rat to make any action and gave in exchange yum-yum. Then, having communicated to other fans of rats, learned that it is possible to train by means of a clicker. Krysovoda showed how he looks, visually showed and told the basic principles of work with it. Next day I already ran in pet-shop behind the wonderful device. Instead of a clicker it is possible to use click of the automatic handle, a cover from banks of baby food, click by language, etc. But there is one nuance, the click should not be too loud: it often frightens animals that slows down training process.

In the first day with one rat we were engaged 5 minutes, with another – minutes 30. Next day the difference between execution was not: they equally carried out that we with them trained. That is it is not obligatory for rat to repeat hundreds of times same. The couple of minutes suffices – and they already understand what from them is demanded. It is necessary only to improve and complicate further action which the rat has to make to deserve a praise. They seize all instantly.

On some commands, such as call for a nickname, a request to jump on hands or not to touch something not obligatory even to give them yum-yum, it is enough to take to scratch on handles behind an ear, to stroke, warm in palms. For them it is a praise too, they just adore attention and love from the owner. If in general not to encourage in any way, rats, of course, not strongly take offense, but "aftertaste" remains. And how it is possible to want something from an animal, but at the same time to give nothing to it in exchange? It is too cruel.

All rats different. Is lazy, playful, singles or sociable – as well as at people, at everyone the character. It needs to be considered.
What it is better for

to encourage a rat when training with?

For encouragement it is better to use noncaloric food, for example, small nadroblenny grain flakes without sugar and other additives, or the cut apple, banana, a fiber of boiled chicken breast, tired buckwheat grains, etc.

But it is worth being guided by taste of a specific rat. For example, if the rat adores flakes and is ready to sell for them soul – why not to use it?

Someone loves pears, and someone – bananas. All our rats just adore bananas.

But to you it is not necessary to be fond of a concrete product and every day to give it one hundred times. Rats have a certain pyramid of food which is made for long, healthy and full-fledged life. It is necessary to adhere to it and to consider goodies, without being beyond.

With what is better to begin training of rats?

 a decorative rat with a guitar

First of all, it is worth tying encouragement to a sound. That is to create communication "a clicker – yum-yum". After the rat acquires it, it is possible to pass to studying of various tricks and teams.

We will consider further stages on the example of a ball already familiar to us. We use plastic with holes and the ringing ball inside. Such are on sale in each pet-shop as a toy for cats.

The first, that needs to be made, to show it to a rat that for any interaction with a ball she is promoted. It is possible to put a ball and as soon as the rat touched it, you click a clicker and you encourage. Continue it until when she purposefully runs to a ball, to touch and wait from you for yum-yum.

Further can complicate interaction: the rat put a pad on a ball – the clicker did not work. Aha, so something is not right. And if two pads? Again clicker and yum-yum. Just holds with two pads – does not receive yum-yum, pulled or took in teeth – receives. It is already possible to develop a trick further.

If the rat does something time 5 and ceased to earn a reward, she will think: in what a dirty trick? What else needs to be made? And training becomes creative process. The rat thinks what else can be made with a ball: to draw, give someone, etc.

Also one of easy tricks for studying — a jump on a palm from a table, a chair, a cage, a bed, etc. Bring a palm to edge of a surface on which there is a rat, we wait until she crosses on your hand — a clicker and yum-yum. Then we take away a hand on couple of centimeters from edge of a poverkhost aside or up – we wait so far the rat will jump or will get – we encourage. And here such short steps on centimeter - two we remove a hand.

But consider that rats can jump at most on 1 meter so be careful that not the small animal was not injured.

For bigger safety you can enclose under the place of a training something soft that the rat who did not manage to jump did not fall to a floor and did not injure to itself a pad.

How to develop intelligence of a rat?

 the decorative rat sits in a ring

Rats, as well as a bird chatterer, differ in good mind and ingenuity. But as well as to people, they need to train memory, to develop intellectually and constantly to study something. We can create the enriched environment for this purpose.

The place of their walking can be filled plentifully with various boxes, lodges, pipes and all what can serve for them as an object for studying.

At us under walking all room in which there are different short flights of stairs, lodges, rags, boxes, devices for a lasagna, various toys (balls, a wheel, etc.) is equipped. It is desirable to change time in couple of days arrangement of objects: to rearrange in places, to turn, move, etc. Rats for movement use reference points already familiar to them which settle in memory images, having changed them, you will give them new information which needs also to be remembered. The same rearrangements can in addition be carried out in a cage.

the Clicker training is first of all the developing game for your pet during which the rat remembers a lot of information, learns to interact with you and surrounding objects.

The same-sex friend since they share information with each other is simply necessary for full-fledged life of a rat, communicate, play, walk in couple to be malicious. Unfortunately we cannot catch all their communication since generally they speak on ultrasound which we do not hear. For people they chirp, peep, rustle with teeth.

If you love the pets, then you give joy, care and heat. The mood at them is better, the it will be simpler to be trained.

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