• Sep 20, 2019

Before bringing home a gerbil, take care of preparing all necessary for the new member of household.

What to buy for a gerbil?

  1. the Drinking bowl for rodents. It can be nippelny or ball, the first option is more popular. The main thing that the drinking bowl did not leak. Check it, having filled capacity with water: liquid has to flow only when squeezing from sides or pressing a ball. It is better not to use water from under the crane for a poyeniye of a rodent, choose the bottled still water filtered or prokipyachenny. Water has to be room temperature.
  2. the Laying — most often is sawdust. They have a number of advantages: they are inexpensive, it is easy to use them, they are on sale in all pet-shops and possess a pleasant smell. Sawdust from the nearest sawmill will not approach: there coniferous sawdust (they cannot be used) metal litter, etc. come across. Also corn filler can serve as a laying.
  3. Capacity for sandy bathtubs. In water of gerbils do not bathe and that small animals cleaned a hair, establish in a cage a tray with sand for rodents.
  4. Wheel. When choosing "apparatus" consider safety of the pet. If the tail of a gerbil gets between moving parts, it is injured. Therefore the safest wheel — the closed type or equipped with a grid.
  5. Feeding trough. It has to be made of ceramics or plastic, and it is good if it quite heavy — so small animals are not able to turn it. Put a feeding trough on the eminence (the shelf or a roof of a lodge) that a rodent it was not dug.
  6. Lodge. A big variety of lodges is presented in pet-shops: ceramic, wooden, plastic. But the plastic or wooden house will be quickly enough destroyed as small animals will begin to sharpen about it teeth. Do not forget to clean a lodge during cleaning of a cage. The shabby building is replaced with new.
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