• Jan 29, 2019

of the Cat are mewed on a different harmony. Miaow is tender, angry, but maybe importunate — is more often when the favourite asks to eat. "Very meow" the cat joyfully meets by the owners, looks for acquaintances to a female, generally, expresses the diverse emotions. When the animal suddenly stops, the frightened owners begin to be anxious, without knowing because of what the cat is silent and why the favourite ceases to mew. There is a set of the reasons that he suddenly loses a voice.

Why the Cat Is Silent

Probable causes of loss of a voice

It is difficult to define on what of a set of the reasons, your cat became silent. Only the expert is capable to make the exact diagnosis. Sometimes to worry there is nothing, but here when led infectious or viral diseases to dumbness of the favourite — time to sound the alarm.

Diseases because of which four-footed loses a voice:

What the Cat Thinks of

  • plague of carnivorous;
  • otitis;
  • rhinitis;
  • pharyngitis;
  • laryngitis;
  • кальцивироз;
  • rhinotracheitis;
  • rage.

Also the allergy, the foreign subject which got stuck in a throat of an animal, poisoning with a forage or toxic couples, long stay in the smoke-filled room is the reason of loss of a voice.

Poisoning and allergy

Can poison a cat both food, and the toxic agents which were not contained in it. For example, the pet stepped on something toxic, and then began to lick paws — than brought an infection in an organism. We sometimes also do not guess that some surfaces in our house are covered with toxins.

can act as toxic agents:

  • remnants of spirits, household chemicals, cosmetics;
  • means from fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, cockroaches;
  • some disinfecting structures (same bleaching powder).

Volatile vapors of paint, solvent, hairspray or nails can cause poisoning.

Miaow of a Cat

It is required to watch that the animal did not come into places where can come across poison! If the pet regularly walks on the street, upon return home he is recommended to wash pads and the lower part of a stomach.

In case of progress of allergic reaction at an animal the throat swells. It becomes difficult to breathe to a cat, the voice vanishes. If not to take a measure in time, the throat can be narrowed so that the pet will choke! At the slightest suspicions it is necessary to go to development of an allergy urgently to the veterinarian. Already at insignificant puffiness it is difficult for cat to swallow, she cannot drink, is.

Loss of a Voice at a Cat

To understand that it is puffiness it is possible on breath: in case of a serious otdyshka the voice at first will become hoarse, and then will be gone absolutely.

At a cat rage

This viral disease is very dangerous as conducts by a lethal outcome. The disease affects the central nervous system because of what, in addition, the voice vanishes. By the way, from a cat the virus can pass to the person so the owner has to be extremely careful!

Against rage do inoculations. If vaccination was not made, about threat, besides loss of a voice , will tell the following symptoms:

  • inadequate behavior (fast transition from aggressive to tender and vice versa);
  • apathy;
  • refusal of food and drink;
  • in hard cases — paralysis.

Signs appear later couple of days after infection.

the Foreign subject in a throat

Hit in a throat of a cat of a foreign subject — the most frequent reason of loss for animals of a voice. In case of damage of walls of a throat injury of a gullet and the upper airways can follow.

among foreign matters can be:

  • fish bone;
  • small subject;
  • fir-tree needle;
  • branch.

Injury of a mucous throat can cause inflammation that is very dangerous! The pet needs survey of the expert.

Other causes of dumbness

How to Pull Out a Subject from a Throat of a Cat

The cat always has to have an access to clear, fresh water. At a lack of liquid the throat of an animal will begin to dry up. The organism of the representative of cat's loses liquid much quicker than human. A lot of liquid leaves when the cat licks himself. Thirst becomes the reason of weakness and loss of a voice, also the animal will seldom visit a toilet.

The inability to mew appears at a cat from behind banal weakness, for example, after an anesthesia. To recover after castration or sterilization, it is required to it up to two days. During this period it is heavy to animal even to hold the head suspended. The cat can become silent also because of experiences. It occurs after moving or emergence in the house of other pet. The majority of adult cats cease to mew when to the house bring kittens.

That needs to be done

How to Calm a Cat

If the cat ceased to mew, observe him — sometimes symptoms of diseases are obvious. The quicker to reveal a problem, the quicker it will be possible to solve it. If necessary air the room, eliminate possible irritants. Provide to an animal a cosiness and heat.

If there is no opportunity to go to clinic immediately, give first aid if symptoms are known. As soon as to appear an opportunity, hurry up to the veterinarian! Quite often loss of a voice is accompanied by cough, cold, sneezing. Means, your favourite suffers, most likely, from inflammation of a throat. Examine a cat, take temperature.

It is not recommended to treat an animal independently, in case of a mistake the problem will be aggravated.

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