• Aug 26, 2019
When you gather in a travel with a dog, one of the main issues: where to lodge: to rent the room in the house, to choose hotel or recreation facility?

can find hotel or a board which owners without long arrangements agree to receive the traveler with a dog in any country Now. Certainly, if you guarantee (and keep a word) that your canine friend will not cause excess problems.

Rules of accommodation for dogs in hotel

First of all, a dog has to be accustomed to a toilet. Without it even you should not think of a joint travel.

the Dog has to be healthy, clean, processed from parasites, imparted.

Try not to leave a dog one in number or, at least, to minimize her stay in loneliness. Eventually, you took the favourite with yourself not to leave for a long time – so enjoy society of each other!

do not allow a dog to bark or to somehow disturb other lodgers.
 a dog in hotel of a photo On a photo: a dog in hotel
do not allow a dog to spoil property of hotel.

Surely specify
where it is possible to go with a dog and where it is possible to release it to run without lead.

after a dog on walks. It is worth finding out in advance, where to throw out bags of "production wastes".

of Recreation facility, as a rule, do not impose severe requirements to dogs, however stray dogs who can meet your chetverolapy friend not too hospitably can live in vicinities.

whether to Take
a dog on the beach — to solve to you. There are arguments as pro, so contra . Anyway, it is better not to feed the pet before an exit. Give soldering after return.

do not go too far!

Planning entertainments, take care not only of yourself, but also of the favourite. However consider physical capacities of a dog and do not allow overfatigue.

If a dog falls on a floor and looks vacantly afar, cannot fall asleep or sleeps uneasily — perhaps, you overdid, and for a dog loading (physical or emotional) it was excessive. In this case give it the chance to have a rest.

That else needs to be known, planning rest with a dog:

Acclimatization of dogs

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