• Sep 20, 2019
you is waited by a long-awaited holiday or a business trip, and the anticipation of a travel is saddened by only one care: where to put a guinea pig for the period of the business trip or a holiday ?
Is two ways of solving the problem: to take a guinea pig with itself or to charge someone care of a small animal. To choose to you, however there are rules which will help to make your absence more comfortable for the favourite and will allow you to feel safe.

If you charge someone care of a guinea pig, it is better to leave a small animal in a habitual cage where he feels at home even at someone on a visit. It is possible to transport in a new temporary haven of a small animal in the same cage, but to save the pet from a draft, curtain it a scarf or a leaky napkin. If fabric or napkin too dense, perhaps oxygen starvation. Leave a stock of a forage and detailed instructions for "nurse".
 guinea pigs in a photo hammock
If the road from Paragraph A to Paragraph B short, it is possible to transport a guinea pig in a cardboard box.
But if you go to a distant trip, is better to get a transport container in advance. As a rule, they are equipped with handles for carrying of a guinea pig and well ventilated covers.
Take care of a laying from paper or sawdust. Put hay — the small animal can have a bite and calm down, but also, in hay it is possible to bury. Thanks to transparent walls, you will be able to see a small animal and to trace his state.
If your pet the skilled traveler, he can look out of carrying, but for a timid small animal it is better to create blackout.
If on the street is cold, it is possible to cover in addition a container with a blanket or a scarf or to put under a container a bottle with warm water.

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