• Mar 8, 2020

of Ways of training of dogs a little, however today more and more talented trainers choose the way based on use of a positive reinforcement as the basic. What good is in a positive reinforcement and why owners of dogs should choose it?

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The positive reinforcement is used by many the specialists in training of dogs, most famous in the world. For example, Victoria Stilwell uses a set the technician of training, however all of them are based on a positive reinforcement . She calls several advantages of a positive reinforcement to training of dogs.

7 reasons to choose a positive reinforcement for training of a dog

  1. Behaviour which is supported, shown more often so, you pleasantly and without serious consequences teach a dog to behave correctly. And in principle you can teach a canine friend to anything.
  2. Training by means of a positive reinforcement promotes creation of strong communication between the owner and a dog and also the relationship based on trust.
  3. you do not suppress a dog, and teach her to cooperation with you, so, increase the level of motivation a canine friend.
  4. Dogs who are trained by means of a positive reinforcement study more willingly and quicker, and the skill is acquired stronger.
  5. you teach a dog to cope really with frustration, to control yourself, to show an initiative and persistence (in good sense).
  6. you receive a dog who obeys you because she wants it, but not because is afraid not to obey.
  7. by means of a positive reinforcement it is possible not only to train a dog, but also to adjust behavior. And such methods of correction more reliable, safer and have more long-term effect.
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