• Aug 7, 2019

It is possible, you happened to meet spaniels (or other long-eared dogs) in the hats closing ears. And the first thought: ears hurt a dog. Whether so it? And if not so, then why then spaniels walk in hats?

 the Spaniel in a hat for photo ears

On a photo: a spaniel in a hat for ears. Photo: ess-club.ru

Spaniels can wear hats for several reasons:

  1. the Hat protects ears of a spaniel or the representative of other long-eared breed from dirt in slush. And ears dry long as the wool covering them rather dense. Therefore, if not to put on to a dog a hat, the risk is high to catch, at least, koltuna, and even a fungal disease. It is possible to dry, of course, after each walking ears of a spaniel the hair dryer and to comb, but it is simpler to use a hat.
  2. the Spaniel following in the tracks often simply steps on ears that is unpleasant. The hat helps to avoid it.
  3. the Hat physically protects ears of a spaniel: in the summer from a burdock and other prickles, in the winter – from snow.
  4. Sometimes puppies of a spaniel have a good time the fact that they chew ears. And then the hat can become an exit.
  5. Sometimes to spaniels put on hats even of the house, for example, at meal time that ears did not get to a bowl and were not soiled.

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