• Jan 10, 2019

of the Cat live near the person very long, however their behavior still conceals a set of riddles. One of them — why a cat asks to open a door and does not come. The reasons and explanations for this interesting phenomenon can be the most various. Such situation in some houses repeats quite often — the animal long asks the owner to open, and then at once loses interest in a door.

Why the Cat Asks to Open a Door and Does Not Come

Owner of the territory

Many owners of domestic cats tell how their pets take seat before the locked door and begin to show very clearly that they need to leave. Seldom what owner can resist a plaintive look of the favourite. Actually the cat or a cat. does not want to leave anywhere at all Animal interest absolutely other questions :

The Cat Asks to Open a Door

  1. Who is behind the closed door?
  2. What occurs there?
  3. Whether there is no danger there?
  4. And suddenly behind a wall there is a production which can be caught?

A cat — an animal independent and independent. Having lodged in the house or the apartment, she considers this territory property. the possession should be controlled and to check regularly , and sometimes and to interfere actively with the events.

It is the simplest to make it when there is an access to all rooms and a free exit to the street. However the animal should be convinced that behind a door everything is quiet as it right there loses interest in the room.

Open space

Why the Cat Asks to Open a Door, but Does Not Enter

One more reason, important from the cat's point of view, is the need for open space. Instincts demand that the animal could move freely everywhere where to it will only take in head. If the cat meets a barrier, she by all means will achieve from the owner of its elimination.

But when the kosha received the desirable, it does not mean at all that she right there will start investigating the opened space. It is important to animal to know that it has such opportunity.

For certain owners noticed that their fluffy favourites rush on all apartment from time to time. Such activity is necessary for them, so, a lot of place is necessary for the movement.

There is a popular belief that of a cat do not need in any company and are inclined to spend time alone , however this delusion. Fluffy small animals also need caress, as well as dogs or other pets. The animal is more sociable, the more he is irritated by the locked door.

of the Measure of restraint

If desired the cat can be disaccustomed to an undesirable habit, however a lot of time and patience will be required. If constantly open doors deliver to the owner of animal inconvenience, can try the following measures:

Strangenesses of Domestic Cats

  1. To switch attention of the pet to something else. It is possible to rub with cat's mint a kogtetochka or a favourite toy of an animal.
  2. To give more physical activity — to play with a cat, to force it to move as much as possible more intensively that he was tired. In this case it will not have forces on night adventures.
  3. It is possible to distract attention of the pet by means of his favourite toy. If such at a cat is not present, then even the simple candy wrapper on a thread will approach.
  4. It is possible to paste an adhesive tape or a bilateral adhesive tape on a door — cats do not like to touch sticky surfaces.
  5. If an animal still young, it is possible to ignore its requirements. At the same time you should not shout or punish the pet, and just not to pay attention. When the cat understands that her actions will not lead to anything, she will gradually calm down.

Of course, such measures are effective not always. In this case nothing remains to the owner how to suffer habits of the favourite.

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