• Sep 16, 2019
the Cat licks herself several times a day. We usually say that she "washes", but this procedure is not so unambiguous, and can tell a lot of things to us about mood of the pet. Scientists thought up a special word — "autogrooming". If the cat licks the tribesman, it is called "allogruming".

Why a cat washes?

Kittens already at early age learn to lick
as themselves, and fellows to render a courtesy or to calm. If the pet begins to lick you, so he feels gentle affection for you. Though touches of a rough uvula will be pleasant not to everyone.
the Cat can lick also a dog if she peacefully gets on with it in one house.
a cat is obliged to a manner to lick itself by reputation of "the great neatnik". There are even signs connected with washing of cats. For example, if the murlyka long washes behind ears — means, to be to good weather. If, having turned to a door, rubs a muzzle - it is to a visit of guests.
the Healthy domestic cat is regularly engaged in an autogrooming. It begins with washing of a muzzle (by means of front pads) and finishes with licking of a tail.
Interesting fact: Observations showed that the majority of cats – lefthanders or equally use both pads. And only one of five cats the right-handed person (uses the right pad for washing).
the Procedure of washing not only is useful (calms a cat, allows to support wool in good condition), but also can serve as the health indicator.
during washing the cat deletes with
from wool dust and tiny particles of plants, untangles strands of wood, thus, without allowing koltuna to be formed. Also it stimulates skin glands thanks to what wool becomes waterproof and not so quickly becomes soiled. Besides, these glands produce the secret giving to a cat an individual smell. And, at last, from secretion of skin glands the vitamin D getting when licking to an organism of a cat is emitted.

What in washing of a cat can indicate problems?

If a cat is licked more often than usually, it can indicate a skin allergy or existence of fleas.
However can lead excessive licking to education in a stomach of hair spheres that, in turn, is fraught with problems with digestion.
Is rare, but, nevertheless, cases when cats lick themselves to baldness meet. As a rule, it is connected with a heavy stress.
Other extreme becomes full unwillingness to look after itself. If at a cat not well-groomed wool is an unambiguous evidence of feeling sick.
If a cat lives in comfortable conditions, she washes after each dream, food, after the game or having met the owner. Attentively watching behavior of the favourite, including washing process, you will be able to understand in time that the fluffy needs your help.

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