• Aug 27, 2019
Each person at whom is or ever were dogs, knows that they eat a grass from time to time. And each owner at least once had a question: why the dog eats a grass? Let's understand.
we Will begin
with the fact that dogs on the essence predators, but in the modern world it is accepted to carry them to omnivores. Food of dogs is quite various. Of course, about a lshy part of the consumed food are meat products, but the diet also included vegetables and cereals. It is an evolution merit. During domestication at dogs eating habits very much changed, but reflexes developed in the millennia remained. Before a dog were exclusively predatory animals and got livelihood hunting. They could not peel independently food and therefore when eating production bones, wool and feathers got into a stomach. Some foreign objects irritate a stomach, starting emetic process, and some can remain in it long enough, causing weight and discomfort. Here we also approached the reasons of eating of a grass.

Why the dog eats with

a grass: main reasons

  • disposal of nausea or painful feelings
  • elimination formed застоев in a stomach and intestines (eating a grass, dogs cause vomiting)
  • pain relief and discomfort during swelling (eating of a grass leads to emergence of an eructation)
  • the raised stress loads.
  • existence in a grass of medicinal properties (but it is characteristic only of dogs of natural selection), in this case eating of a grass vomiting is not followed
  • game behavior when dogs not so much eat a grass how many I tear off it (such behavior is characteristic of puppies and young dogs).
Also wants to note that dogs are quite selective in a question of the choice of a suitable grass and what got is will not become.
 the Dog eats a photo grass

eating of a grass is dangerous to dogs?

Many owners ask a question, but whether eating of a grass is dangerous to dogs?
there Is no
, eating of a grass in itself will not do any harm to your canine friend. But only in case it is about a clean grass. It is important to watch, where alumnae to regale on a grass to prevent cases of poisoning with chemicals, often the grass is processed various pesticides. It will be safest to grow up a grass on your personal plot and to allow a dog to regale in plenty. If there is no such opportunity, it is possible to plant a grass in a flowerpot and to leave in free access. Oats, wheat or a wheat grass will become the Luchy choice for cultivation.

Poisonous plants for dogs

Should not limit a dog in eating of a grass, however it is necessary to remember that there are plants, poisonous for dogs, and to watch that it an animal accidentally did not regale on them.
Poisonous for dogs are:
  • all plants of family of a crowfoot family,
  • anemony,
  • kaluzhnitsa,
  • sedums,
  • goose pads.
From houseplants constitute special danger to dogs:
  • oleander,
  • monsteras,
  • dieffenbachias.

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