• Dec 16, 2018

Though cats can perfectly live in the city apartment, sometimes their owners are disturbed by the questions connected with keeping of favourites. Some of them concern washing of the pet. Veterinarians claim that the cat cannot wet ears — why it so, is explained by features of anatomy of cat's. If water gets to acoustical pass of an animal, it is fraught with big problems with health.

Why the Cat Can Not Wet Ears

of Feature of washing of a cat

Bathing house murlyk — rather responsible action .

It is very important to follow certain rules when holding a procedure.

Frequency of acceptance of bathtubs

Cats are neatniks by the nature. They can lick for hours own fur coat, getting rid of the slightest pollution. Therefore you should not subject often the favourite to such procedure as bathing. For the majority мурлык it is the most severe stress , besides water destroys the protective fatty layer located on skin of an animal. It can reduce immunity and be injurious to health of the favourite.

Cats — Neatniks by the Nature.

Optimum will wash the pet of 1 times in 2−3 months. Cases when the procedure is really necessary can become an exception. For example, if the cat had fleas or he somewhere was strongly soiled. Then really you should not postpone bathing.

of the Rule of bathing

Washing of an animal will not take away a lot of time and forces. The main thing — to conform to the following rules:

Washing of an Animal

  • to carry out the procedure at the closed windows and doors to avoid drafts and not to chill the pet;
  • in advance to adjust water up to the temperature, comfortable for a cat — usually it is 35 degrees Celsius;
  • when washing to try not to wet the head of an animal in order to avoid water ingress in ears, if necessary to stop up them with balls from cotton wool;
  • to apply shampoo no more 2nd time in a row;
  • after bathing carefully to wipe a cat a towel.

of the Consequence of water ingress in ears

The water which got to acoustical pass of a cat,

The water which got to acoustical pass of a cat can lead to emergence of problems with his health . It happens because of the special structure of an ear of an animal. This body at all representatives of the cat family consists of a set of crinkles. Therefore at hit of liquid in an ear it does not find the return way out and remains in acoustical pass, leading to diseases of inflammatory character.

If water reached area of a middle ear, there is a high probability of the fact that the cat will get sick with otitis. This rather artful disease which is capable to lead to formation of the centers of suppuration.

The greatest danger is constituted that the brain of an animal is in close proximity to acoustical pass therefore at inadequate leaving the disease can damage also it. Probability of injury of eyes of an animal is also high in case inflammation not to begin to treat.

If when bathing the pet water got into an ear, can try to correct a situation as follows:

To wipe intra ear area with a Q-tip

  1. To wipe intra ear area with a Q-tip or a disk, without immersing them it is too deep. Otherwise there is a probability to wound eardrums and it is even stronger to do much harm to a cat.
  2. To try to dry up ears by means of the hair dryer, having turned on it on the weakest power.
  3. To dig couple of drops of vegetable oil in ears and to shake an animal, having turned it headfirst.

All these recommendations can help if liquids got into an ear not really much. If the cat steeped under water, it is better to address the veterinarian at once. Only he will be able objectively to assess a situation, having examined ears of an animal and to appoint right treatment.

Anything terrible — at observance of all recommendations of the doctor it is possible not to be afraid of complications, and the pet will remain healthy and vigorous.

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