• Sep 16, 2019

the World of a cat is, generally "the second floor", exactly there she spends a considerable part of time: plays, sleeps, and at times and eats. But some owners neglect need of a cat to have the second tier, and in vain. Why to cats "second floor"?

 the Cat on the book shelf of a photo

Photo: pxhere.com

At once it is worth making a reservation that the second floor for a cat are the not necessarily specially equipped game centers (though, certainly, if there is an opportunity, it is worth getting them). It both your regiments, and racks, and cases – generally, everything that allows a cat to rise over the level of a floor and to watch the events in the house "haughtily". You can equip "the second floor" for a cat with the hands if you like to make.

It is important that the cat could pass freely across "the second floor" to the vital places: to a lodge and a plank bed, bowls for food and water, to toys and a tray. Make sure that "the second floor" is safe for a cat including that regiments are fixed reliably.

 the Cat on a photo window sill

Photo: pxhere.com

It is very important to give to a cat an opportunity to move on "the second floor". If not to make it, the murlyka all the same will adapt for a lasagna the most different objects – sometimes not absolutely suitable from your point of view. Your favourite needs to know that "the second floor" is her territory where the cat is inviolable, and to other members of household living on "first floor", she can go down if desired.

" the second floor" allows a cat to move freely on the house, to watch other members of household from safe distance and to avoid conflict situations if, for example, at you there lives also a dog or the small child.

Surely put on "the second floor" a lodge in which the cat can take refuge and where she will be in safety from encroachments of other members of household, including other animals or small children.

You watch that on the way the cat when she moves on "the second floor", had no easily fragile objects or the fact that can prevent a cat to move.

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