• Feb 6, 2020
With Miroslava, the breeder of the Don sphinxes, we got acquainted at an exhibition and, without wasting time, called in it in office on an interview. We fell in love with her pets at first sight: they are beautiful, incredibly tender, inquisitive and are really similar to aliens.


the Don sphinxes are very manual creations more reminding dogs than cats. The sphinx can rush, play, but it is worth taking it on hands, he right there calms down and falls asleep.
the Don sphinxes keep playfulness for the rest of life. We have "grandmother" who is more than 10 years old, but she still plays as a kitten.
at the same time sphinxes very tender, kind, perfectly get on with other animals. At us there live both dogs, and a polecat, and sphinxes willingly play with all and love all. When the unfamiliar animal comes to the house, the sphinx will concern to it a little watchfully in the beginning, but through short time is already ready to make friends.
These cats very sociable therefore alone miss and long. The owner who spends the most part of time of the house, or other pet as the partner is necessary for them (not necessarily the cat, it can be also a dog).
the Don sphinxes well study and perfectly go on a lead. Therefore if favourite to process from parasites and to do necessary vaccination, he can be walked. But sphinxes do not go to unauthorized absences. We live in the private house, the territory is fenced with a fence. And our cats walk only in a protection, without making attempts to get out.
the Don sphinxes are peaceful. Though during puberty when they call "the second half", hormones "go to the head", and the cat or a cat can show aggression. Besides ungelded cats strongly mark. Therefore if you are not going to breed sphinxes, it is better to sterilize or castrate the pet before puberty.
you will not call
of the Don sphinxes noisy. Certainly, if they see that we try to keep step with jars with their forage, then begin to mew. And so prefer to communicate on business. Though, of course, little kittens are heard also by neighbors.
the Don sphinxes — wonderful parents. They touchingly care for kittens, and not only mothers, but also fathers, and grandmothers take part in care of kids.
the Don sphinxes are curious, are not timid and easily adapt to a new situation.


of Sphinxes needs to be washed regularly.
that during a heat they sweat therefore as required wipe the pet with wet towel wipes.
in the Summer surely grease
a cat with cream from suntan. By the way, sphinxes can sunbathe: one of our cats of blue turns in the summer into black, only on folds there are light sites.
in the Winter sphinxes to be warmed, climb under a blanket or can occupy the battery. If in the house it is cold, it is better to dress a cat. If at the pet cold ears, so he freezes.
U of each of our sphinxes is lodges. Happens, they sleep with dogs or all together, a heap on a window sill.
the Don sphinxes are very clean. All our kittens, only having learned to go, begin to use a tray.


the Don sphinxes eat everything. If to leave chips on a table, they with pleasure will regale on them. Therefore it is necessary to watch that cats did not eat something forbidden. They can be fed with both a dry feed, and "naturalka", the main thing that the forage was qualitative and balanced.
At the Don sphinxes can develop food allergy therefore it is necessary to select a forage individually. And, if you change a forage (even within one producer), it is worth watching a condition of the pet.
to the Don sphinxes needs to be eaten much to support the raised metabolism. However they, as well as almost all cats, are inclined to obesity therefore you should not go to far.

How to choose a kitten of the Don sphinx

Be convinced by
that the kitten is healthy. It has to be active, with good appetite. Sneezing has to guard – it can be symptom of cold and inflammatory process.
Estimate a skin condition. Peeling or dandruff can indicate a fungal disease.
is better to take a kitten to whom all vaccination, that is approximately in 3.5 months is already done. In this case the immunity is created, and the kid can be transported safely to the new house.
Usually on the place buyers are guided by what kitten to them goes more willingly, considering that if from the very beginning there was a contact, so "this mine".

What owner is necessary to the Don sphinx

the person who takes a cat not just as decoration of an interior, and ready to find for the pet time and attention can get
of the Don sphinx. Sphinxes adore attention and miss in separation.

Photos of cats of breed the Don sphinx are presented by Miroslava especially for .ru

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