• Aug 26, 2019
Some fans of cats are sure by

that they know everything therefore give advice to other people at various thematic Internet forums about these animals. Such nonprofessional recommendations can do much harm to not only the beginner manufacturer, but also his fluffy favourite.

10 bad advice which fans of cats at forums on the Internet give

the Cat — the best gift

The pet is a living being with the habits, habits and character. Therefore before giving a kitten, it is necessary to consult to future owner about whether one more family member is necessary to it. Besides, the hero of the occasion has to choose the favourite.


Choose fashionable breed

It is necessary to choose the friend. Representatives of different breeds differ not only in appearance, but also temperament, requirements and features of contents. Therefore, choosing itself a cat, it is necessary to learn as much as possible about that breed which you decided to gain.

If you have an allergy, get a bald cat

This quite controversial statement. At representatives cat's, not having wool, allergen is present too, but only in smaller quantities. Such breed can cause an allergy not less others though from a naked cat allergen is not so strongly carried on the house.

do not take

a cat from nursery

If you decided to get a thoroughbred animal, it should be got in nursery with all related documents. If the breed is not of particular importance for you, take a kitten from a shelter — it will please you not less, than his thoroughbred fellow.

of the Cat of all breeds are identical

Each living being is unique, and cats — not an exception. Representatives of various breeds have the unique temperament to which during all life the qualities acquired in family where the cat was brought up are added.

you do not drive a kitten to the veterinarian

Buying an animal, it is necessary to make sure that it is healthy and has all necessary inoculations. For this reason the kitten should be shown to the veterinarian, especially if you picked up the pet on the street.

Nothing to castrate a healthy animal, it is better to release on the street

If you are not a manufacturer of the thoroughbred pet and are not going to breed animals for sale, then castration or sterilization will save you from many problems: the cat will not mark corners and to extend on the house the disgusting smell, and a cat — heart-rendingly to mew every spring.

of the Inoculation and glistogonny are not necessary if the cat lives at home

This absolutely incorrect statement. Inoculations and glistogonny medicines are surely necessary to your favourite, and both for him, and for your safety. The pet taken from the street in general needs to be held on a quarantine, all vaccination will not be done yet and all parasites are etched.

you Feed a cat with "normal" food, but not a dry feed

Often quite so the called "normal" food from a table of the person becomes the reason of obesity and various gastric frustration at cats. Specialized sterns (both dry, and damp) contain all vitamins and minerals, necessary for the pet, besides, the dosage is accurately specified that excludes overeating.

If the cat misbehaves

, stick it with a muzzle

And it will be the most senseless and cruel occupation. The animal simply will not understand what you want from it, especially if to make it not right after hooliganism, and after a while when you manage to catch the pet and to bring it on "crime scene".

The cat will just think that you — the evil being who for the unclear reasons takes her for the head and somewhere tycht. It makes sense to react only while undesirable action is made, and it needs to be interrupted, for example, having scattered on a cat water from a spray. And to repeat so until at an animal communication between hooliganism and unpleasant splashes of water is not created.

You should not listen to doubtful councils at forums for aelurophiles, it is better to spend a little time and to find adequate information in scientific literature. Besides, it is always possible to consult to experts from service of protection of animals, veterinary clinic or a homeless cats shelter.

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