• Sep 17, 2019
Before going for a kitten, ask yourself 10 important questions and receive on them sincere answers.

10 of questions before buying a kitten

of 10 questions before getting a kitten

  • Really you want to get a cat? Yes, the fluffy, purring friend can brighten up your everyday life, however existence of the house of a cat is connected not only with positive emotions. In fact, the pet will depend on you the same as the child, cats forgot to live independently long ago.
  • What is the time you spend at home? And what is the time you are ready to give to a cat? As there pass your days off: on trips or in house efforts? The cat will be happy only when is able to be in constant contact with you.
  • Where there will be a cat when you go to a holiday? You need the help of relatives or neighbors or "professional котоняня" to look after for purr. Or it is necessary to look for overexposure. Whether you are ready to it?
  • Whether you are ready to spend money for a cat? Expenses, especially at first, can be impressive. It not only a pan with a forage, but also care products, and payment of veterinary services.
  • Whom you want to get: kitten or adult cat? Whether there will be enough at you patience for education of the kid?
  • someone from family members has an allergy to cat's wool or a phobia in relation to cats (yes, it meets and called an aylurofobiya too).
  • you Are ready to clean a cat's tray daily? The question can seem naive, but many people are not able to overcome own fastidiousness or just forget to replace filler. As a result both the cat, and the owner suffers (then it is necessary to remove not only a tray).
  • you Take the responsibility to let out a cat on the street only when you guarantee its safety? On streets there go cars, dogs run and also the danger of poisoning is high. In addition, consider that cats are recognized by one of the main threats of a biodiversity, that is constitutes danger to a set of species of wild animals (birds, rodents, etc.). So the cat in itself should not walk.
  • you Can correctly look after a cat to keep her health and to support due appearance?
  • you Are going to sterilize a cat or a cat if you do not plan them to part? Unsterilized cats during "hunting" become nervous and noisy, and the ungelded cat marks the territory (that is your dwelling) with urine which smells extremely unpleasantly. But at the same time not everyone will decide to subject the favourite of operation. Whether there will be enough determination at you?
10 of questions before getting a kitten
If all received answers suit you, and you realize all completeness of responsibility for the new family member, it is possible to go for a kitten or an adult cat.

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