• Jan 13, 2020

It is for certain interesting to fans of Maine Coons to read the surprising facts about these huge cats. So we bring to your attention 15 interesting facts about cats of breed a Maine Coon.

 Grey and striped Maine Coon of a photo

On a photo: Maine Coon. Photo: pixabay.com

  • In the world there is a Maine Coon with a human face. Her name is the Valkyrie, and thanks to similarity with the person it could find to herself the new house. Now she goes to live to Cherepovets.
  • In Russian-speaking space there is a Maine Coon the comedian by the name of the Boomer. All life of a celebrity was lit by Pavel Volya. Watch video!
  • Maine Coons are the longest cats. It is possible to find a mention of a Maine Coon which body length – 123.2 cm in the Guinness Book of Records. This is Stewy's Maine Coon, the resident of the State of Nevada (USA).
  • the longest vibrissa belong to a Maine Coon by the name of Missie. Length of moustaches of this cat – 19 cm!
  • On warships often held Maine Coons, including them the mascots bringing good luck.
  • it is surprising, but the fact: on paws of Maine Coons "excess" fingers often meet. Representatives of breed at whom is the whole 20 fingers on a paw meet! This quality is connected with a genetic mutation and is descended.
  • the Character of Maine Coons is often compared to dog. These cats adore being in society of owners, are affectionate and are perfectly trained. For example, can easily train them the aportirovka and circulation at a lead.
  • Maine Coons are not afraid of water (if, of course, to accustom them to water since the childhood). Also have often a good time, scooping paws water and spraying it.
  • Maine Coons are prolific. In a dung of these cats about 10 kittens often meet.
  • Paws of Maine Coons are very mobile – almost like at monkeys. These cats often hold toys with paws, and still pick up claws pieces of food and so send them to a mouth.
  • At Maine Coons the longest tails (concerning trunk length).
  • Distinctive sign of a Maine Coon – "sack" on a stomach. Some manufacturers believe that it is intended for kittens or for strategic stocks.
  • Maine Coons sometimes make sounds which you will not hear from other cats (for example, clang and cooing). Thus they express emotions.
  • Sometimes because of the sizes and brushes on ears of Maine Coons confuse with a lynx.
  • the Maine Coon Littl Niki was the first cat cloned with commercial purposes.

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