• Dec 25, 2019

They for us — the page in life, and we for them is also all life. Century of pets, unfortunately short. However many of them remain in memory human forever.

Colonel Meow

3 cats and one cat who left this world, but remained popular

The hostess took this cat from a shelter. The colonel Meow was included in the Guinness Book of Records thanks to fur length — about 23 cm. This feature is connected with origin of the pet who was a hybrid of the Himalaya and Persian breed.

On the Internet the Colonel won attention of users the "dissatisfied" look. Photos of an animal became general memes and a reason for playful and dissatisfied comments. Despite the appearance, the cat was very tender and kind pet. In 2014 the Colonel Meow died because of congenital heart troubles.

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of Marchionesses

3 cats and one cat who left this world, but remained popular

The glory found the hero thanks to the video which the owner of the pet is laid out on YouTube. On video the cat meets the man with the small child by the shout reminding a human phrase: "But, but, but, but".

Marquis's owner assumed that unusual reaction of an animal is connected with guests. Most likely the cat did not see earlier small children, and very peculiar exclaimed surprise. Video gained more than 12 million viewings. The roller became virus not only in Russia, but also in the USA, Europe and even in Japan. The marquis died on the sixteenth year of life.

Lil Bab's

3 cats and one cat who left this world, but remained popular

This cat was born the weakest of all dung. The rare disease of bones prevented to move to an animal. Thanks to effort of the owner and numerous operations, the animal could survive. Despite genetic deviations Lil Bab was fallen in love to users of network. Due to the lack of teeth tongue at it was always put out outside.

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The cat had very short paws concerning the sizes of the body. Besides Lil on all paws had additional fingers — all them there were 22. One more feature of this animal — big eyes. Despite all shortcomings, the cat found not only love of owners and house heat. Lil Bab could become the real star the Internet of network.

Grempi Cat's

3 cats and one cat who left this world, but remained popular

The feature of appearance of this cat is connected with a congenital dwarfism and the wrong bite. In photos the animal looks always offended and dissatisfied with life. This pet also became world-wide popular meme.

Thanks to the Internet, the cat could bring to the hostess earnings of hundred million dollars. The animal repeatedly participated in shootings of commercials. It was planned to shoot with its participation the feature film. But in 2019 Grempi Cat died because of a bladder infection.

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