• Oct 13, 2019
People differently judge

mental capacities of cats. Some are convinced that cats are silly and understand nothing, others consider them clever animals. But there are three things which even the cleverest cats are not capable to understand. About them you learn from this article.


"Forbidden" places in the house

The situation when the cat persistently jumps on a bed is familiar to owners of pets and ignores the bans of the owner. Usually the person puts a cat on a floor and says: "Shoo!". But it does not bring result – the cat still jumps on a bed, climbs on a table and to other "forbidden" places.

The cat does it not of harm: he just does not understand what from it is wanted. For it there is no concept the "forbidden" place. The cat is a territorial animal, he thinks himself the host. Therefore do not try to put the pet into place: the effect will not be, but the stress is provided to a cat.

The only thing that can achieve in such situation, – to accustom an animal not to climb on "forbidden" places in the presence of the owner, but finally it will not be possible to remove a habit.

Idea of the good and evil

Cats do not distinguish human concepts therefore they cannot be vindictive and vindictive. Features of their behavior are usually caused by problems with health. You should not ignore instincts also. Kot is not – as the small child who learns the world by trial and error and malicious intent in its actions.

Treatment and pricks

Cats sometimes are forced to transfer pricks, to take medicine and to observe restrictions in food, but they do not understand why it is necessary. Not to explain to them that owners wish to help. Cats see in it danger and react as appropriate – bite, scratched and run away.

Cats are reasonable animals. The structure of their brain is in many respects similar to human, but understanding of some things at them is absent or is arranged in a different way. It is necessary to accept this feature of canine friends and not to wait for what they cannot make.

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