• Oct 20, 2019

Exists a set of stories about the dogs who saved life to the owners. The seeing eye dogs, dogs divers, dogs saving people during the fires. But not only representatives of family of dog are capable of heroic acts. Sometimes cats show surprising traits of character and are capable to make a miracle, literally.

of Kot Rasti

4 cats heroes who saved life to the owners once

Cats are surprising beings. They are able to feel malfunctions which occur in a human body. Not without reason there is an opinion that cats treat the owners. As confirmation of it serves history of a cat of Rasti.

His hostess call Claire Nelson, she had latent heart troubles about which she did not even suspect. The increased fatigue, along with other specific factors is one of harbingers of heart attack. The hostess Rasti did not know about it and instead of hurrying to the doctor, decided to lie down to have a rest. But the cat did not allow it to fall asleep – uneasily went near it that was not his usual behavior. Claire felt worse and worse and at last decided to go to hospital. On the road her health worsened, and it was hospitalized with heart attack.

Charlie's Kitten

4 cats heroes who saved life to the owners once

One night the mistress of a kitten of Charlie had an attack. She had diabetes, and at night at her sugar level fell in blood. From it she fainted and fell on a floor in the bathroom, without having managed to make to herself a saving injection of insulin. If it was found only in the morning, history would end is deplorable. But the hostess was saved by a kitten. Charlie felt that to the hostess there was a trouble, and began to lick and scratch the owner. Then he led him to the bathroom where the husband already found the wife lying unconscious on a tiled floor. The owner Charlie delivered to the woman an insulin prick and called the ambulance.

Blind cat Homer

4 cats heroes who saved life to the owners once

When Homer was still a kitten, it was brought in a vetklinik on lulling to slip. He was only 2 months old, and he had a terrible conjunctivitis, pus closed up both eyes and did not respond to treatment. But instead of killing a kitten, the doctor saved to it life, having performed operation on removal of eyes. The blind kitten appeared in a shelter and, apparently, had no hope to find the happy future. But good luck did not turn away from a kitten. He was found by Gwen Cooper, she was delighted by a beautiful black cat with such hard lot. Having called the pet in honor of the Ancient Greek poet Homer who on a legend was a blind person from the birth, it brought the kid home.

There passed 3 years. The kitten grew beautiful fluffy handsome, and soon to it had to thank a case the wonderful hostess for kindness. In the dead of night Gwen woke up from loud growl. To it the robber got into the house. But to carry away something valuable or, what is worse, he did not manage to do it harm. Homer seized the criminal, bit and scratched him, without ceasing to let out terrible cries at the same time. The robber that night managed to run away, but the house was in safety.

But on it history of a cat of Homer does not come to an end. In 2008 the French newspaper announced the competition devoted to "Odyssey", one of the main works by the Ancient Greek poet. In a competition the most famous prose writers of the world accepted everything, but that Gwen Cooper, the woman who took a blind kitten from a shelter won the first prize. She wrote the "Homer's Odyssey", in it on motive of the original work a story of a blind cat is told. The book became the best-seller and with success is on sale in bookstores.

Kot Charlie

4 cats heroes who saved life to the owners once

The namesake of a thunderstorm of heart diseases caused a stir in capture of a snake. The poisonous viper crept on the territory of the yard and was going to creep to the house. To a porch there was 1 meter when the cat on a smell found a snake and snatched on her. As if the brave mongoose of Kipling, Charlie's cat battled against a snake and gnawed through her the head. He after such fight survived also safe.

Cats – some of the most grateful and sensitive animals on Earth. Once having offered the friendship to a homeless kitten – you receive the devoted friend ready for the sake of the favourite owner to make a heroic act.

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