• Oct 7, 2019

If your peaceful pet suddenly began to show aggression, on that there have to be good reasons. Anyway it is necessary to find out what occurred because the uncontrollable behavior of a domestic cat can indicate a serious disease. Here four most frequent reasons of rage and concern at cats.

4 main reasons for aggressive and uncontrollable behavior of a cat


At sharp change of a situation at an animal the stress always begins, but it can be shown absolutely differently. In many respects it depends on temperament of a specific cat. Some pets find a secluded corner and spend in it several days in a row, others begin to be depressed and refuse food. Quite often happens and so that in the course of adaptation the animal shows aggression in relation to all surrounding people.

Such behavior will pass by itself as soon as the cat adapts to the new place. On it a lot of time, and, what is much more important, care and patience can be required from owners. It is not necessary to punish or abuse the pet for aggression. Offer him enough favourite food and toys better. Besides, try not to disturb a cat once again. Thanks to it adaptation will take place much quicker.

Infection with rage

It is the most terrible option of succession of events as rage is easily transmitted from cats to people through scratches and stings. The problem is that it is impossible to recover from this disease — it always comes to the end with a lethal outcome. Therefore if you will notice suddenly appeared inadequate behavior or aggression from a cat, at once bring him to reception to the veterinarian. If the diagnosis is confirmed, the animal should be lulled. To insure itself and the favourite from a dangerous disease, better in advance do the corresponding vaccination.

of the Meeting with strangers

Cats perfectly understand nonverbal language of a human body and also intonation with which we speak. For this reason even the quietest and peaceful animals can suddenly show aggression. If the cat faces negatively adjusted stranger, then can quite attack. Such behavior will be nothing else as means of self-defense.

To calm a cat, it is necessary to ask the person who frightened him, to go to the neighboring room. As soon as the source of danger disappears, aggression of an animal will come to naught. If your pet is cautious by nature, strangers can frighten him even amicably adjusted, but absolutely. In that case the cat will try to hide as soon as possible. It is the best of all not to touch the pet and to allow it to sit out quietly in a quiet corner.

Wrong education

If the cat regularly shows aggression for the reason that you paid it to education not enough attention, then the animal needs to be retrained. It is also possible to treat the pet who got to your house already at adult age. To make it it is difficult, but it is possible.

For this purpose try to stop any uncontrollable behavior and aggression. The most important, you do not shout and, especially, do not beat an animal as it will only strengthen aggressive reaction. Best of all in a critical situation to give to a voice strict intonation and to scatter on the pet cool water.

Time for which it is possible to change behavior of a cat in many respects depends on for what reason aggression appeared. If it is a single case, then, most likely, the situation will improve after the irritation source drops out of sight an animal. If unpleasant changes in behavior of the pet were caused by a disease or a severe stress, then on changes more time will leave. The most important, try to stock up with patience.

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