• Oct 16, 2019

Communication with favourite fluffy creation usually causes positive emotions, but sometimes there are also unpleasant moments, for example, the cat can start going to a toilet to your bed. To understand why the cat spoils a bed, simply, the main thing — not to panic and work consistently.

4 main reasons why a cat go to a toilet to the owner's bed

Low-quality filler

Most often cats prefer to go to a tray with filler, but not all from them are equally good. Filler of poor quality badly absorbs moisture because of what the cat can wet the pads and then leave marks on a floor and other surfaces. Also low-quality fillers do not cope with destruction of unpleasant aroma. Even after cleaning of the formed lump, there can be parts of filler with a smell which the favourite can feel and decide that a tray dirty. He will go to look for other place for a need spravleniye.

In some fillers low-quality components with an unpleasant smell which can not be pleasant to an animal can be used. For example, it concerns wood fillers which do of chipboard production wastes. Therefore they have a chemical smell which is not pleasant to animals.

It is not desirable to buy also the flavored fillers. According to promises of producers they have to mask better smells, but fragrance can have sharp aroma which will push away fluffy favourites.

of the Disease of urinary tract

If all the time the cat regularly went to a tray, but in one day sharply ceased, then it is possible to suspect at it diseases of urinary tract, for example, cystitis or an urolithic disease. At these diseases during urination the cat can have painful feelings which he can connect with a tray and decide that if to replace the place, then pain will pass. Therefore at such diseases they can go by a tray and even to the owner's bed.

It is worth checking an animal for these diseases if before descending in a tray, he plaintively mews, often in it sits down, but it is ineffectual, or in urine blood appeared. In these cases it is necessary to address the veterinarian who will pick up suitable treatment. After all this has to return to normal, and the cat will start going to a tray again.

There can sometimes be a behavioural problem if the cat decides that pain passed not because of treatment, and because of change of the place. In such cases his behavior can be corrected. For this purpose it is necessary to buy a new tray, to put it to other place and to replace filler.

of Change in a surrounding situation

Cats can go to a toilet to the owner's bed because of a stress which arises at various changes of a surrounding situation. It belongs to relationship in family, for example, if owners often quarrel and shout, it can frighten an animal. Also you should not shout at a cat and to beat him if he was guilty of something. It leads to negative consequences.

Change of the residence or a trip somewhere too can cause a stress in the favourite, especially at adult age if before he did not leave borders of the apartment. Appearance of small children and other animals often causes concern and affects character not to the best.

the Nursed grievance at the owner

Some breeds of cats differ in vindictiveness, for example, Siamese, but it can meet also at other breeds. The favourite can go to a bed and do other dirty tricks if nursed a grievance at the owner. For example, the attention and caress and therefore he takes offense can not be enough for him. Or something was not pleasant to him in behavior of the owner. Corporal punishments can also cause offense in a cat, and he can begin to spoil not only a bed, but also in footwear.

Together with it cats can aggressively behave if they do not like any actions from the owner. It can be a podstriganiye of claws, cleaning of ears or bathing. After visit of the veterinarian the animal can nurse a grievance too. Whenever possible it is worth avoiding such situations, especially if the vindictiveness and sensitivity are inherent in a cat. If it is not possible to avoid, then it is possible to try "to make amends" and to offer him delicacies, to show more attention, caress and cares.

If the favourite started going to a toilet to the owner's bed, then it is impossible to beat him and to abuse. Perhaps it does it not purposely, and because of a disease or change of a situation in the house. It is necessary to analyse behavior of a cat and all that preceded this case. Then it will be possible to define the reason of such behavior and to eliminate an unpleasant situation.

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