• Oct 15, 2019
unusually pulls

of Cats to sit or lie down near an entrance door. Therefore many owners are interested in a question: in what the reason of such strange choice of the place? It is known that these animals will not make any actions without the special reasons. Let's learn what to it induces them.

4 reasons why a cat often sit near an entrance door

the Pet feels that someone goes to the house

Cats have unique hearing therefore can define a sound of steps of the person which goes to you home, or even a scratch of wheels of its car. Especially sensitively pets are capable to have a presentiment of arrival of the owner. Sensitivity of cats so strong that allows to distinguish accurately it for several tens of meters from crowd of people. One of additional factors is the smell of the owner which enhances ability of cats to feel it. Many owners of cats notice that their pets can define time of their arrival home and remember it. Fluffy friends understand to what moment family members come back, and meet them directly at a door.

the Cat heard unusual sounds

Cats are always attracted by the unusual sounds reaching because of a door. Being by nature curious animals, they cannot sit out aside and not become interested in them. In essence cats hunters therefore try to learn the cause of noise. Maybe behind a door ran a mouse or there the bird sits? The concern because of strange sounds can make your pet disturbing therefore pay on it special attention.

Feels that behind a door – freedom

Animals perfectly understand that outside the apartment there is freedom. Especially it concerns pets who already ran out on the street to walk. Therefore be not surprised to the fact that the cat will make attempts again to appear in the fresh air. Instincts of the fluffy friend will push him to commission of escape from the house therefore he will wait for any opportunity it to make as soon as the door opens. Every time, entering or leaving the apartment, try to act accurately and to hold the favourite. At strong need think of a possibility of safe walking by means of a special breast-band.

Looks for the cool place

Search of the cool place can become one more reason of sitting of a cat near an entrance door. At a strong heat or dryness indoors the cat will choose the most comfortable and cool option. Near a door the animal will be able to feel inflow of fresh air and a draft that will be for it rescue. Try to provide to the favourite good conditions therefore do not forget to air and humidify the room periodically.

Owners should get used to such habits of the pets as frequent sitting near an entrance door. You should not expel them from the favourite place near an exit, cats can have instincts and desires. Just it is necessary to look narrowly at the fluffy friends and to try to understand their requirements.

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