• Oct 15, 2019

of the Dog and a cat feel mutual hostility for a long time. Tamed by people, they are forced to divide one habitat. Canine friends of the person have genetic differences, different habits and a way of life that became the hostility reason between representatives of these two types.

4 things which cannot allow a dog and a cat to live together

Different nature and physiology

Dogs treats to family of canids, that is they are predators, and the cats conceding the sizes are regarded by them as production. Hunting and combative breeds are extremely aggressive, not only to other animal species, but also to people. The majority of dogs feel the need for pack, it is put in them at the genetic level and also they have a need for communication and contact with the person and people around. The cat, on the contrary, by the nature the single, independently hunts and tries to avoid excess contacts including with representatives of the look, being limited to the reproduction period. Even living in one house with the person, it remains independent.


Dogs on the nature active, inquisitive and impulsive. The cats the complete antithesis on character closed and unperturbable, showing indifference to everything. The importunate interest of dogs will be regarded as aggression.

Age of both pets

If in the house there lives an adult dog, appearance of a kitten can lead to problems. The unfamiliar smell of a cat can be regarded as threat.

The adult cat who got used to live in loneliness will not suffer a puppy who interferes in his personal space. The excessive curiosity of the little pet, can lead to physical injuries of a puppy.

of the Movement of a body and habit

Emotions, cats and dogs express differently, signals of a body of pets are completely opposite on value. It also is the reason of misunderstanding of animals.

  • dogs, wagging a tail, express joy, interest and good location in an attention object. Twitching of a tail of a cat means irritability and feeling of danger;
  • the raised paw of a dog – the invitation to a game, the cat perceives such reaction as threat;
  • purring of a cat means good location to the events and the highest degree of pleasure. The dog perceives animal sounds as growl and a signal to attack.

The person manages to affect the difficult relations of pets not always. Instincts of animals are formed for centuries, and it is not simple to cross through them to different types. The great patience and tricks of owners of pets is required to reconcile four-footed favourites.

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