• Jan 12, 2020

In the countries of the former Soviet Union know the few about chipping of animals. But the USA and the European Union chipirut more than 20 years animals. It helps to control population of animals and to reduce the number of the lost and homeless pets.

4 unpleasant situations to which you will not get if your cat of a chipirovan

will not let in other country

In attempt to go abroad with the pet surely there will be problems due to the lack of the chip. It is forbidden to import an animal who has no electronic identifier into EU countries. Such law is adopted since 2004. Therefore in attempt to bring an animal out of borders of the country at you will ask to show the documents confirming existence of the chip.

The device absolutely small, the size less rice kernel also takes root it under withers skin. The chip stores all data what are necessary, – breed, a nickname, age of an animal and also a contact information of the owner.

Each chip has the unique multiple-valued code beginning with alphabetic reference of the country. In the passport of a cat the sticker with number confirming that the pet чипирован is pasted.

you will not be able to participate in exhibitions of the European Union

If the cat thoroughbred, has all relevant documents and owners plan participation with it in exhibitions, then chipping is simply obligatory. All club animals have to be strictly considered. It allows to avoid confusion in drawing up family trees, in paperwork on kittens.

If you are going to participate in an exhibition of cats in the territory of the European Union, then without chip you will not be registered as the participant.

Search of the run-away cat

In civilized countries for reading of the chip all clinics and shelters have the scanner. Therefore as soon as on the street the pet is found, with him address to clinic or a shelter. Here it is easily possible to read out information from the device and to find a contact information of the owner. If a cat not a chipirovana, then in a shelter to it surely carry out this procedure and will give to new owners already with documents to prevent repeated loss.

Production of a kogtetochka for cats the hands

If you think that time the cat lives at home and does not leave anywhere, and she does not need to implant the chip under skin, you strongly are mistaken. Accidental escapes from the house through the window leaf for a while left opened a door are very widespread. It is the most difficult to find such cats who never saw the street. As a rule, they are frightened, disoriented and do not imagine at all where they are. In panic the animal can escape far from the house and search will be complicated.

But in practice in the territory of the countries of the former CIS chipping not too that helps with search of the lost cat. Many people just do not know about such technical capability and will not begin to try to look for owners by means of the chip. But even if a cat чипирован and the people who found him guessed it, then to find owners all the same remains a problem.

Cats long-livers who became history

The matter is that very small amount of clinics has own scanners for data read-out. The chip cannot be found by means of the satellite, it not the device of tracking. It becomes more active only in the electromagnetic field of the scanner. Therefore the lack of the last does the expensive procedure of chipping useless in case of loss of the favourite.

Should be proved long that your cat

The chip, despite the microscopic sizes, keeps a large number of information. In fact, you can write down on it any data. Information on an animal and a contact information of owners is obligatory. Especially if it is about expensive animal from a family tree. Such cats are quite often stolen and tried to be used for cultivation of thoroughbred kittens. In this case the chip is the only reliable way to prove that this your animal. If apply a kleymirovaniye to dogs, then with a cat in the absence of the chip it is almost impossible to confirm the rights for the pet.

of 11 Russian stars which adore the cats

Of course if it is about really rare and extremely expensive copy, then malefactors can try to take the old chip and to implant new. But the procedure of extraction of the device surely leaves a scar on a body in the characteristic place – on skin. In spite of the fact that electronics material biosovmesty also does not cause an allergy, it causes local reaction and a body of a cat surrounds it with connecting fabric. Therefore extraction of the chip appears much more difficult procedure, than its installation.

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