• Nov 14, 2019

At forums for owners of animals can gather a lot of useful information how to look after the fluffy pet, but at the same time often wrong opinions and councils for an occasion of keeping of cats meet there. Let's consider the main of them.

6 bad advice from forums which often give to owners of cats


Choose the pet, following trends

Each cat has the character. Perhaps, you will suit more not a little kitten hurricane, but a quiet adult cat who does not need to be entertained the whole day. Whether the cat will be able to get on with other animals in the house whether she will fit into your space, whether she will make friends with the child — it is necessary to make a start from answers to these questions when choosing.

And to buy a cat, relying on only one fashion - it is how to select friends according to color of eyes or hair. The fashion will pass, and the pet — it is possible, already grown old and to nobody necessary — will remain.

do not read

about breed

To think that animals of one look identical — a big mistake. It is not so simple to look after cats of some breeds. For example, the British have tendency to obesity. For sphinxes special care of skin, is necessary for Persians — behind wool. Also Persians, as well as ekzota, quite often experience difficulties with breath. Persian cats strongly fade. Maine Coons (who, by the way, too strongly fade) need a lot of space and a special diet.

Because of ignorance people sometimes incorrectly cross animals. And if mother, and the father — carriers of the mutating gene, then kittens are born with pathologies. Characters at cats of different breeds differ too. Unsociable British, aggressive Siamese, sociable oriyentala, good-natured Maine Coons … Therefore before acquisition of the pet it is required to study features of breed surely.

In a shelter of a cat all sick and aggressive

Usually owners of shelters know what of their animals need socialization, and help to find the pet who will suit you. Besides, cats appear there for various reasons. At someone the owner died, someone was lost, someone was pulled out from under car wheels. Yes, during adaptation on the new place the cat can aggressively behave, but the period of accustoming is not eternal. And then the cat becomes the devoted friend to the owner.

And still cats in shelters are processed from parasites and fleas, take root and will be sterilized.

you do not hurry to the veterinarian

Only the doctor can make the diagnosis and to appoint treatment therefore at the first signs of an indisposition at a cat address the expert. Special attention should be paid to the favourite about one year — at this time it is especially subject to risk of infection with infectious diseases as his immunity did not get stronger yet. It is desirable not to neglect vaccination — having done vaccination against the main diseases, you will secure also the pet, and yourself.

Some of diseases are transmitted vnutriutrobno. Some proceed asymptomatically. Therefore visit of the veterinarian is the correct decision at least once a year. Remember that the best treatment is a prevention.

do not process

domestic cats from worms and fleas

A mistake will think that the pet is in this regard in perfect security. The cat can catch parasites if in her diet there is a crude small fish and (or) crude meat. If the cat rummaged in a pot with flowers, and then decided to lick pads, then infection probability is too. It is easy to bring larvae of parasites and fleas to the owner from the street on footwear or clothes.

To you it is not necessary to underestimate fleas and parasites. The first besides the brought discomfort are carriers of cat's infections. The second gradually weaken an organism, emitting toxins, slowing down a metabolism. There are species of parasites which negatively affect not only intestines, but also a brain, heart, lungs.
So to process it is necessary domestic cats from worms and fleas.

Surely give to a cat vitamins and dietary supplements

At correctly picked up diet additional vitamins and minerals are not necessary. Moreover, the excess of minerals leads to formation of stones in urine. Therefore the forage has to be balanced industrial or house, made together with the veterinarian. It is impossible to hold cats mainly on porridges or on meat — all has to be moderately, and this measure is defined by the expert. On healthy nutrition the pet pleases owners with the health many years.

Vitamins and dietary supplements are appointed by the veterinarian if the cat is weakened, sick, pregnant or brings up kittens. Perhaps, he will appoint them and at house food. But to give additional substances to a cat just like that, "for prevention", definitely does not follow.

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