• Dec 19, 2019
should not forget

In anticipation of New year about pets. What people perceive as fun for cats is fraught with a stress and physical injuries. To secure an animal, it is enough to execute 6 simple rules.


not to put a live fir-tree

Cats to whom owners do not allow to eat a grass are interested in needles more often. They chew branches to fill a reserve of vitamins and to get rid of the wool which collected in a stomach. Unfortunately, fir-tree and pine needles, though do not contain toxic agents, can do harm to animals because of the form — the sharp ends stick into a mucous membrane of a gullet and intestines. Those places where there were scratches, inflame, and their healing requires a course of treatment at the veterinarian. If hvoinka get stuck inside and detain food, there is an impassability of intestines. It is eliminated in the operational way.

But also in case the animal does not seek to chew fir-tree branches, it can suffer: to prick a nose about needles or to injure eyes. Therefore instead of a live New Year's tree it is better to buy artificial, its smell will not attract a cat.

not to hang up

on a fir-tree glass toys

Glass spheres are very beautiful, however, it is worth refusing them if in the house there is a pet. It is difficult to majority of cats to keep from temptation and not to get on a fir-tree. Even if the animal weighs 2-4 kg, this weight is enough that the tree turned over and fell to a floor. Fragile toys after such blow turn into a heap of splinters. Trying to be chosen from under the fir-tree which pulled hard on it, the cat receives cuts on paws, a stomach and other parts of a body.

the Test which will measure your love to cats!

Cats like to gnaw Christmas decorations. When the glass toy gets to an animal into teeth, it breaks up, раня language, lips and the sky. The cat can swallow small splinters. They cut a gullet, causing internal bleeding.

not to leave

alone candles and a cat

Cats and cats, especially young, show curiosity to the objects surrounding them. And still they like to jump on tables and bedside tables because from above it is more convenient to watch what occurs indoors. For these reasons it is impossible to leave an animal unguarded in the room where there are lit candles. Such negligence of owners can end with the fire if the pet accidentally overturns a candlestick.

However even if the candle will resist on the place, there is a risk that the cat will smell a flame and will burn to itself vibriss (moustaches). Physically it will not suffer from it, but the fright is guaranteed to both an animal, and its owners. And here if the fluffy fidget makes near naked flame a careless wave a tail, the outcome can be tragic. Many cases when cats perished from burns after their wool ignited from a candle are known.

4 things which can not allow a dog and a cat to live together

not to use a cracker

Animals are sensitive to sharp sounds. Unexpected explosions cause in them not just fear, and panic. If action is followed also by visual effects, the cat is capable to feel the real shock.

The pets who reached old age from endured have epileptic seizures. Happens and so that the severe stress leads to the death of an animal. It belongs not only to crackers, but also to fireworks, Bengal lights, petards and other pyrotechnics.

not to leave to

one on New Year's Eve

For a cat the New Year's Eve differs in nothing from 365 previous — she knows that there came the holiday and all events which are taking place around are connected with it. Having stayed at home alone, the animal will uneasily behave, and nervousness for owners also will be added to the general alarm.

In similar situations cats can inadequately act, from the point of view of the person. For example, to tear wall-paper or to gnaw furniture as it helps them to distract from external irritants (a roar of fireworks, loud music, unclear smells). And still they can run from the house in attempt to find the safe place. If to go to New Year's festivities, having left a window leaf slightly opened, the pet will manage to get out to the street and to be lost or break when falling into the earth.

whether is Learned by a cat of in a mirror
not to pull out

from the shelter

Even if owners are near, the animal experiences not best emotions. When from the street explosions, shouts and other frightening sounds reach, the cat seeks to hide in the secluded place: in a case, behind the refrigerator or under a bed. Will pull out it the bad decision from there, it will decide that the owner does not love it or punishes.

It is better to try to calm an animal, talking with it by a low, quiet voice. It is worth putting a subject with which at a cat good memories are connected in the shelter: its favourite toy, laying or delicacy.

To help a pet to endure New Year's holidays with the smallest consequences, it is necessary to be prepared in advance: after consultation with the veterinarian to buy the calming medicine and to give it a course, in doses which were recommended by the doctor. Once you buy several toys intended for animals and to process them cat's mint — the new entertainment will distract the pet from games with a fir-tree.

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