• Sep 17, 2019
the Decision to expand family at the expense of the new member of household, let and fluffy — a question responsible. And it is necessary to approach it with all gravity. How to be going to take a kitten in the house?


Before making the decision on taking a kitten, weigh all pluses and minuses.

Animal, even such small and, apparently, unpretentious, as a cat — the living being, with the requirements, desires and character. You will not put it in a box for the period of the holiday and you will not switch off if there is no mood to communicate.

the Cat will enter your life not for one year, and taking into account it it is necessary to plan further life. Whether you are ready to it?

Surely agree on these issues with family.

whether someone from members of household of an allergy has
? Even if it seems what is not present, it is better to be convinced of it in advance. For example, to visit nursery and to spend there some time. Or to borrow a cat from acquaintances for several days. It is possible to make allergens tests. As a last resort, agree with the manufacturer that in case of unforeseen circumstances you will be able to return a kitten within 1 — 2 weeks.

that the kitten is not only joy, but also some difficulties. For example, the cat can be scratched or spoil wall-paper and furniture. If insufficiently carefully to look after a cat's tray, in the house there will be an unpleasant smell. And sometimes four-footed residents ignore a tray. The cat is quite independent and can revenge if you offended her. Or to jump on you from a case, to make an ambush round the corner. At last, twice a year it fades, and it is quite heavy to clean furniture and carpets from wool.

you Will go for similar deprivations? If the answer still affirmative, it is possible to begin to prepare for appearance of the new friend.
Grey Kitten

the Safe house for a kitten

Think over everything in advance.

of the Cat adore looking out of the window or to walk on a balcony. That the pet did not fall, it is necessary to establish grids or lattices.

In the house of a kitten traps a set of dangers: the oven, the gas stove cleaning and detergents, an electrical wiring. Think how you protect the pet from deadly risk.

Should hide small bagatelles which the kid can swallow.

Equip with
the place for games. In addition, the kitten will need secluded corners where he will be able to retire if desired.

Is important to choose correctly the place for a toilet. It has to be silent and lonely.

Planning of the budget for keeping of a kitten

It only seems that the cat small, so, is cheap in contents. Actually the kitten will involve from you considerable financial costs.

First, a qualitative forage costs quite much. And economy on feeding will pour out in additional costs of the veterinarian.

Secondly, veterinary leaving, even planned, it is also worth considering. It is vaccination, processing from worms, sterilization if it is necessary — treatment.

Thirdly, will be necessary for you means for care of a cat: fillers for a tray, shampoos, etc.

Red Kittens

Choice of a kitten

exists Now a huge variety of cats therefore everyone can select the pet according to taste. To decide on the choice, answer yourself several questions.

you Want a thoroughbred or not purebred kitten?

It is possible to be guided by financial opportunities and own preferences. If you plan participation in exhibitions, choose a cat from a family tree.

Kitten or adult cat?

As a rule, future owners prefer little kittens – they lovely, tender and playful. However their energy bursts forth, and they actively explore the world around. Adult cats, as a rule, less temperamental and more reasonable, it does not require vigilant attention and care. But in this case you do not derive pleasure, observing as your kid grows.

Cat or cat?

one behavior bigger influences character, than a floor so in this sense there is almost no difference. However adult unsterilized cats can behave more aggressively and aspire on search of love and adventures. Besides they sometimes mark the territory (including your favourite shoes). The cat during "hunting" can loudly call gentlemen and if not to look through, bring unexpected posterity.

Kitten and child

the Kitten can become the loyal friend to your child. Besides, the cat can teach much. The children having houses a cat often differ in spontaneity, softness, creative abilities, independence.

However your task — to explain to the child that the kitten is not a toy. It cannot be dragged for a tail, to squeeze or offend strongly. Warn that the pet can react to causing pain respectively: to bite or scratch.

you do not get a kitten in calculation that the child himself will look after him. Yes, 5-year-old children are able to feed or comb a cat, to play with her. The school student can remove a tray (at observance of rules of hygiene). However completely the child is not ready to take the responsibility for life and health of other being.

Child and Kitten

the Dowry for a kitten

  • Lodge.
  • the Tray and filler (it is better to begin with that which the manufacturer used).
  • the Forage (it is better to begin with that which the manufacturer used).
  • Bowls for food and water (it is desirable corrosion-proof or ceramic).
  • Kogtetochka.
  • Objects for leaving: kogterezka, hairbrush, ear lotion, etc.
  • Toys (safe).
  • Carrying (when choosing the size consider that kittens are in the habit grow).

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