• Jan 13, 2020
Me was always attracted by exotic, and the love to cats arose in the childhood. Parents did not allow to get a cat, explaining that the animal has to live in the village, on the street. Then I also decided that when I marry, and I will live separately, I will surely get to myself a cat, and it is better two.
Peterbald of a Photo Cat of breed Peterbald
Later time we agreed with the spouse that if at home appears animal, then it will be a cat, and surely a sphinx: it unusual, beautiful and practical due to the lack of wool. And if to get a cat, then surely pure blood and from a family tree.
my vital principle: to try to finish very much the begun business. Time was bought a cat of pure blood, so it is necessary to try to be engaged in cultivation. And the idea to create nursery of Peterbalds was born. We stopped on this breed because of their beauty and grace, friendly character, relaxedness and fearlessness.
my nursery is registered in 2015 in the WCF system and "Rafs Dynasty", that is Rafaela's Dynasty – in honor of the first and most favourite cat of Rafaella Royal Dream is called. Rafaela – not only the beauty and careful mother, but also a perennial spring of a positive for our family and guests.
Kitten of Breed Peterbald of a Photo Kitten of breed Peterbald

Character of a Peterbald

In my opinion, Peterbalds concern civilized and fearless animals. The breed is very friendly, sociable, makes contact to strangers.
the St. Petersburg sphinxes like to travel if only the owner was near, but it is necessary to accustom to transport since the childhood that the kitten was not afraid.
of Observation of the manufacturer: I would carry the cats to the class "Desperately Brave", but it is worth to remember that it is cats, and they need to smell an unfamiliar object to understand how to react further. My girls, for example, are not afraid of a sound of the hair dryer or the food processor as are already accustomed to hear it.
Is cats with activity is higher than average. Like to run about, especially after a meal. The owner has to pay attention to animals and play with them a couple of hours in day, especially if a cat in the house one.
Recommendation of the manufacturer: To buyers of my kittens, I recommend to establish at once a game complex as cats love height. The lodge has to be too as sometimes they want to take a nap alone with themselves. Toys it is possible to use any, only safe, because of the curiosity they can отгрызть and swallow a piece, and it is hazardous to health. Especially are interested in small balls-shnurochkami.
Peterbalds do not stand loneliness! These are sociable animals as dogs. If the owner long is absent at home, the cat will express the discontent with sensitive miaow. I think if often to leave a cat one, she can get sick. Therefore, it is necessary to get it breed to those who will pay to it much attention and to aloud admire its beauty.
Cats of Breed Peterbald of a Photo of the Cat of breed Peterbald
However them you will not call
harmful. While there is no house the owner, cats fall into hibernation, for the pets I did not notice any wrecking.
Observations of the manufacturer: These are absolutely not aggressive animals . They adequately perceive small children, play with them and are not afraid.
If to the house brought a new animal, then, as well as any breed, a cat needs time for accustoming and adaptation. The St. Petersburg sphinxes quickly get used to a new situation and new members family. There are rare exceptions concerning personal qualities of character. But, in general, Peterbalds perfectly get on with other animals: cats and dogs. It is only desirable to sustain the adaptation period (from several days to one weeks) for accustoming.
to Peterbalds is even more comfortable to live in the house where there is one more animal: so they will not miss, expecting the house of the owner. But even if in the house several animals, it does not mean that they do not need in attention of the owner. They need all the same to give at least 1 hour a day on caress and games.
concern animals with bright east emotions. If not to pay them due attention in the form of games and touches, then they will elicit it repeated miaow. The breed is talkative, likes to comment on a conversation of the person.
Observations of the manufacturer: If this breeding animal, participating in cultivation, then during the period течек they call an opposite sex rather loud sounds .

In ospitaniye and training of a Peterbald

it is easy for
of Peterbalds to train in teams, my animals understand words: "No", It "is impossible"," for Idi to me".
Observation of the manufacturer: It is very easy to motivate Peterbalds on a game. For example, it is worth rustling with a package even if the cat slept, in a second she will sit at your legs and to wait for a game. My cats very much like to bring a plastic bag or a ball from a foil from chocolate. I think, training is possible, time and patience only for this purpose is necessary.
Cats of Breed Peterbald of a Photo

Maintenance and care of Peterbalds

Care of a Peterbald is simple: qualitative food, annual vaccination, few times in a year washing (if to accustom since the childhood, then the fear of water will not be), a weekly podstriganiye of claws, cleaning of ears.
Pantophagy is not useful any cat. Food has to be balanced.
Recommendation of the manufacturer: My animals always have an access to a qualitative dry feed and access to water. In the morning and in the evening I feed them with meat.
At such mode of feeding about theft of food from a table at the owner the speech will not go.
Peterbalds at the correct feeding remain harmonious and distinguished.
Peterbalds are born with several types of wool: pryamosherstny, flock, браш, velor, and absolutely besshersty.
If to feed a cat with
in a balanced way, then the problem with skin (wool) will not arise.
Recommendation of the manufacturer: It is undesirable to the "undressed" animal to stay much under the open sun not to get burn.
A pryamosherstny animals have no underfur therefore fade not considerably as everything, on seasons of year.
Recommendation of the manufacturer: Peterbalds love heat and a heat. Indoors there have to be not lower than 22 - 23 degrees of heat for their comfort. Their stove bench has to be the closed type, it is possible with fur inside. The berth has to be located at the level of a sofa, the owner's bed, but not on a floor.
the St. Petersburg sphinxes like to sleep at Night near the person under a blanket. In rainy weather can long sleep, in solar are more active.
Clothes is necessary in couples trips and also if temperature in the house falls lower than 22 degrees.
Peterbalds are clean cats. The owner has to take care of daily purity of trays, then problems will not be.
Observations of the manufacturer: My kittens from 3 weeks of life already use a tray with filler for designated purpose .
Cats of Breed Peterbald of a Photo

Health of a Peterbald

life Term, as well as at ordinary cats can reach 18 years, but at high-quality leaving.
of Observation of the manufacturer: I would carry a bessherstnost and life to weak points outdoors, apartments. These are purely domestic cats, on the street if, for example, the owner has a private site, they are trapped by danger because of their inquisitiveness, in particular, poisonous insects, reptiles, foreign dog.
Psychologically is those cats who need daily contact with the owner.

How to choose a Peterbald kitten?

When choosing a kitten needs to pay attention to its external state: clean eyes, a normal chair, weight, playful mood, availability of vaccines against an infection, a condition contents and purity in the house of the manufacturer, health of parents.
For the new family member needs to be got:
  • a forage which it ate in the house of the manufacturer,
  • game complex or initially,
  • kogtetochka,
  • two bowls,
  • tray,
  • filler (to specify at what manufacturer of type),
  • stove bench,
  • safe toys.
Exists the standard of breed a Peterbald, it is important if an animal buy in cultivation and for exhibitions. If you take a kitten as a pet, then the deviation from the standard does not affect life expectancy, behavior and health.

Who will suit a cat of breed a Peterbald?

Breed will suit people who are not indifferent to something unusual.
which like to travel, having taken with themselves a cat.
to which is pleasant excessive curiosity and fearlessness of a cat, desire to talk by the deep east voice and aspiration to follow the owner on heels, participating in his affairs.
As well as for any cat, keeping of a Peterbald will involve certain financial costs of quality food and annual vaccination.

A photo of Peterbalds from personal archive of Natalya Vasilevskaya

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