• Dec 27, 2019
not a kitten, but already quite adult cat. We took away it according to the announcement. Naturally, it already had a set of favourite things and habits to which the former hostess accustomed an animal. Valerian from which it thawed as the inveterate alcoholic from an ice bottle of vodka was one of his addictions. Generally, valeryanochny fluffy maniac. We tried not to admit him to drugs as we do not approve any sort dependence.

Cat and Champagne

This story happened on the eve of New year. All fussed, but were cheerful, all such the holiday came. Also our cat rejoiced, probably, he was amused that Year of a dog receded.

While all members of household decorated the house, cut salads, cooked jelly, one cat was engaged in the fact that he wanted, namely – endlessly rubbed about a champagne bottle which stood on a floor.

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I can assume that someone touched it after the valerian use. Otherwise I cannot explain cat's love to a usual bottle of alcohol, earlier we did not notice that our pet reached for alcohol.

How many we would not drive away Barsik, he all the same curled around champagne therefore we had to reconcile. All the same with it will be able to make nothing. But as it appeared, the cat with a bottle could make nothing, and here it with him …

The holiday was closer and closer, children in an anticipation put on the dresses, there were last preparations of a holiday table, the cat curled around a bottle more and more actively.

And there came long-awaited New year. A chiming clock begins to beat. Adults stand with wine glasses waiting for sparkling drink, desire to think and wash down it with a champagne drink by tradition is necessary.

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I selected previously a bottle at a cat nearly with fight, but it (more precisely from me) far did not depart from it. And here I turn off a delay, I begin to extend a stopper, but it is unsuccessful, it with cotton flies up up, then jumps aside from a ceiling and directly to our Barsik bluntly!

The New Year's mood and desire to make wishes disappeared instantly at all, except children – they with tears in the eyes asked about that our cat did not die.

Barsik to die, fortunately, and did not think, but he was obviously in state of shock. Rushed on all room with protruding eyes and heart-rendingly shouted, on the way forcing down glasses from a table and coming paws in salads.

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Three together we only in about five minutes could seize the shocked cat, and then nearly an hour more calmed him. Cheerful New year was.

And Barsik does not drink since then. Absolutely. And on bottles hisses. Still, one of them shot at it directly on New Year's Eve.

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