• Jan 13, 2020
the Breed is recognized the organizations ACF, WCF, GCCF, FIFE, CFA, TICA, ACFA


Description Abyssinian

the Description of an Abyssinian cat is reflected by b title=" in official standards of breed.
According to the description, Abyssinian cats are bright animals with short tikirovanny wool, the average size, flexible, strong and brawny and at the same time very graceful. The weight of an Abyssinian cat can vary from 4 to 7.5 kg.
the Neck which is gracefully curved.
the Chin and a nose — on one vertical line, a small cavity between a forehead and a nose.
Ears big, deep, with dark tips, sometimes — with brushes.
of an Eye almond-shaped, with a dark inking and lighter "points".
the Tail is gradually narrowed by the end, color of a tip of a tail matches the color of a tiking. The flexible tip slightly inclines towards the head.
Wool thin, not too soft, adjacent. Each hair has at least 4 dark zones (tiking). It turns out that each strand of wood is painted in 2 — 3 colors. It gives to a fur coat a unique color.
the First cats were, generally a silvery color, but then selectors began to try to obtain saturated red. As result, there were colors a faun (beige or light violet), соррель (light brown, colors of cinnamon) and Ruddy (a black tiking on a yellow and sand background). Silvery cats were practically not bred, and gradually this color practically disappeared. However recently the popularity of Abyssinians of "cold" colors began to grow again.
Full formation of a wool cover of Abyssinians comes to an end by 1.5 years.

Character Abyssinian

Character of an Abyssinian cat

Abyssinian cats enter the five of the most popular breeds in the USA.
On character an Abyssinian cat — balanced, intelligent, gentle creation, quite silent, but at the same time inquisitive and sociable. Sounds which they make are similar to a hand bell ring.
Abyssinians are playful and mobile, and keep these qualities till an extreme old age.
Abyssinian cats are quite peaceful and perfectly get on with other pets, including with dogs. And with ease undertake a role of the leader.
of These cats can be recommended for family in which there are children.
However someone surely has to be at home the most part of time — Abyssinians very badly transfer loneliness. However, they can find a consolation and in the companies of other cat or a dog.

As the character of an Abyssinian cat affects behavior

Abyssinian cats adore sitting on a lap at the owner and will not miss an opportunity to participate in all your affairs. Therefore if constant communication and business activity of the pet tire you, it is better to choose quieter and independent breed. But the constant tiskanye of an Abyssinian can tire too so it is necessary to know when to stop.
Abyssinian cats perfectly climb vertical surfaces, they have no fear of height at all. They often climb on a tree and adore, having scrambled on height, to expect a praise and admiration. And here in the enclosed space, and especially in cages, the Abyssinian cat feels very uncomfortably.
On character Abyssinian cats are clever and perfectly give in to education.
the Abyssinian will not begin "to be malicious"
At the correct approach, for example, to sharpen claws about a sofa. Unlike the majority of other cats, representatives of this breed are very obedient. They are easily accustomed to a breast-band and about joy participate in all family actions.
Often compare character of Abyssinian cats to dog. For example, they are devoted, joyfully meet owners at a door and adore carrying objects therefore the aportirovka can train the pet with ease in teeth. Thanks to these qualities the inveterate "dog lover" who is not really approvingly belonging to the cat's tribe easily gets on with representatives of breed even.
is important to take a kitten from that manufacturer who did not regret time for early socialization of an Abyssinian. In this case you will be able easily to establish trusting and gentle relationship with the pet. It is better to choose a kitten 12 weeks are more senior — at this age Abyssinians are ready to leave mother without serious consequences. Earlier depriving can become the reason of psychological problems and diseases. The kitten should not be aggressive, hysterical or timid.

Leaving for Abyssinian

Care of an Abyssinian cat is not too burdensome b title=".
Abyssinian cats — the short-haired breed, from you will be required to comb out (not more often) only once a week it a metal hairbrush with frequent teeths.
Is important the correct hygienic care of an Abyssinian cat.
Large ears require close attention and regular cleaning. If there dark allocations accumulated, accurately remove them with a Q-tip. It is possible to moisten it with special lotion which is on sale in pet-shops and vetapteka.
of an Eye of an Abyssinian cat needs to wipe with a wadded disk. The minimum allocations from eyes are admissible, but if they become more, address the veterinarian.
of 1 times in 1 — 2 weeks the Abyssinian cat should brush teeth. Begin to accustom to it a kitten from early age. It is possible to use special toothpaste for animals – it does not need to be washed away. The second option — flavourless tooth-powder.
Abyssinian cats love water therefore it is easy to accustom them to water procedures.
Wash a cat with warm water, not under a shower, and in a basin or in a sink. Water is changed several times. It is possible to use special shampoo (without conditioner). Foam is carefully washed away, and after that it is necessary to wash a cat at least three times with clear water. Sometimes bathing is used in order that the cat got rid of the died-off hairs during a molt quicker.
Abyssinians are very clean and very exacting to maintenance of an order in a toilet therefore do not forget to change filler and to periodically wash a tray.
One of the most important components of care of an Abyssinian cat is prevention of diseases. In time you carry out expulsion of helminths and do preventive inoculations.
the Correct care of an Abyssinian cat is impossible
without correctly organized feeding. Abyssinian cats are rather choosy in food, however, having got used to a certain diet, are content with it long time, without demanding a variety.
If you choose by
a dry feed, it is better to be guided by a premium and суперпреимум a class — such forage contains all necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The main thing — to pick up option which suits your pet, taking into account his age, fatness and the state of health.
If you choose by
a naturalka, do not forget about meat (veal, turkey or chicken meat). Meat can be given to crude or to drench with boiled water. It is possible to give sea fish, and here it is necessary to refrain from crude. The breakfast can include fermented milk products (yogurt without additives, kefir, cottage cheese).
Abyssinian cats quite often prefer to adhere to a vegetarian diet therefore offer the pet fruit and vegetables.
Is possible, vitamin and mineral additives will be necessary, however, before buying them, consult with the veterinarian.
Abyssinian cats can elicit scraps from a table. However you should not overfeed them.
Abyssinians prefer to
life in the big house, but not in the small apartment. Remarkably, if at the house there is a garden where it is possible to walk safely.

Well-known Abyssinian

Abyssinian cats in cinema and books

Abyssinian cats sometimes become actors. For example, the representative of breed became the main character of the movie "Cat from Space". 2 cats participated in shootings: Rampler and Amber.
On a photo: an Abyssinian cat in the movie "Cat from Space"
the Abyssinian cat — the main character of the book H. Brown "Cleo. As one cat saved the whole family. It is a touching story about the most usual, willful and rowdy-dowdy, but at the same time to a tender and kind cat who helped people to find joy again and to accept life such what it is.
the Reddish-brown beauty of Abyssinian breed Rosi — one of characters of thrillers of J. Patterson (a series about the police officer-psychologist Alex Krosse).

Famous owners of Abyssinian cats

of Abyssinians often choose as pets of a celebrity.
the Blue Abyssinian cat the Gipsy lives at the model and actress Nicole Ricci.
One more model and the actress Chloé Sevinyi even participates with the pet in photoshoots.
On a photo: Chloé Sevinyi and Abyssinian cat

Among happy owners of Abyssinian cats David Bowie and Nicholas Cage "were also "lit".


Need for communication
Friendliness to children
Loyalty to other pets
of Golosistos
Ease in leaving
Information on breed

Origin Ethiopia
Group on wool Short-haired
Life expectancy
of Feature Well studies
Weight of 2 — 4 kg
to Whom suits For families with children

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