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when at cats the techka begins, this state is followed by characteristic symptoms and changes in behavior.

Puberty at animals is the quite normal and expected process. It is characterized by the fact that pets become capable to give posterity. When growing at females begins эструс, simple words this concept is known as a techka at cats.

The Beginning and Duration of a Techka at Cats
Puberty at animals – it quite normal and expected process
Began with

also duration of an estrus

The question when at a cat begins эструс, has individual character. But statistics claims that in most cases interest at such pets in an opposite sex wakes up in half a year. Approach of this period demonstrates that the individual is ready to pairing as her organism begins to reproduce mature ova.

Besides it is necessary to consider that puberty at cats steps on half a year earlier, than physical, and at cats these two phases practically coincide. Therefore veterinarians and experienced manufacturers recommend to allow "to walk" for the first time to the pet after 6 months of life.

The question, how many days lasts a techka at cats, too individual as this period can vary from several days to two weeks. The periods between estrusa proceed differently, everything depends on breed, health, food, leaving, etc.

The Beginning and Duration of a Techka at Cats

it is important to know that the sexual activity in general does not depend on that how many the techka lasts. Though in most cases this period falls on spring and summer months. The matter is that duration of an estrus can increase together with increase in light day.

On average the marriage period proceeds within one week, and it is optional that all these days will be followed by uneasy symptoms. Often at an estrus the first couple of days the animal will busily purr and make up, at the same time can loudly shout up to 5 days.

The first techka at a cat proceeds slightly more difficult, than the subsequent, but nevertheless often any marriage period is transferred hard by both animal, and its environment. For simplification recommend to sterilize a cat to the first techka if it is not intended for cultivation. For animals with a good hormonal background this period lasts 6-10 months.

If an animal thoroughbred, breeding which participates (or will be) in exhibitions and cultivation, then a techka at cats – norm of life. But the owner should think of that with whom to knit the pet during the marriage period in advance. And selection of the partner – business difficult, and is better to be engaged in it in 3-6 months prior to an estimated techka at cats.

techka Periods

Puberty at cats – process natural, during it the animal becomes capable to breed. This period is considered the certificate that the reproductive system of the house favourite ripened. As biologists speak, in ovaries follicles were formed, the hormonal sphere was transformed. From this point the cat's organism is ready to fertilization and incubation of posterity, to further childbirth and feeding by milk.

Physiological factors promote change of psychological state and behavior of cats during a techka. Skilled aelurophiles know about changes of behavioural reactions. Many can tell about how the techka at cats proceeds and as it is possible to avoid pleasant nuances many not always.

the following stages are characteristic Of the marriage period:

  1. Proestrus (preparation) proceeds 1-3 days. The stage is followed by changes in behavior of the pet. At this time cats do not admit males.
  2. Estrus , or a techka, lasts about one week, can seldom drag on up to 10-12 days. This time of cardinal changes in behavior of cats in connection with strong influence of sex hormones. It is necessary to plan knitting for this period. However, and spontaneous pairing happens at a stage of an estrus too.
  3. Interestrus is time of pregnancy or false fertilization if there was no conception.
  4. Anestrus (a rest stage) passes up to 3 months. As a rule, this time is the share of winter or summer.

The Beginning and Duration of a Techka at Cats

Main signs

Techka at animals proceeds during the whole year, and it can repeat 1 time in 3 weeks until the cat becomes pregnant or it is not sterilized.

To define that there came the marriage period at the pet, very easily. for this purpose is enough to know the main signs which are shown obviously:

  1. Increase in genitals.
  2. Transparent, but not plentiful allocations at a cat during a techka which can be noticed on furniture or a floor.
  3. The animal is more often licked. There can be frequent at them also an urination.
  4. The appetite is sometimes broken.
  5. Cats show caress more, rub about third-party objects, ride on surfaces, coil.
  6. In rare instances during the marriage period blood is emitted. Pets prove aggressively.
  7. The animal at the slightest opportunity can slip out the house.
  8. Make lingering, loud and plaintive sounds, calling so male individuals.
  9. Bend a back, sitting down on a floor, begin to trample down back pads and to take away a tail.

The Beginning and Duration of a Techka at Cats

the Receptions simplifying the difficult period

At approach of the marriage period at the pet owners want to facilitate both cat's, and life. For this purpose first of all it is necessary to pay more attention to a cat, it will allow it to remove stress and to calm down.

Also it is possible to calm an animal by means of active games. That is the alumna needs to splash out the collected energy. If a cat active games – the most optimal variant of rescue plan to knit with a male.

Except traditional methods, there is also a medicamentous therapy. Of course, from it there is not enough advantage. Though if to give to a cat medicines on the basis of herbs, for example "Kot Bayun" or "the Anti-Stress", they will not affect work of an organism of the alumna. It is possible to find many drugs which will allow to solve a problem of symptoms and consequences of an estrus in the shortest possible time in veterinary shops.

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