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Active and tender, with the expressed hunting instincts the American short-haired cat perfectly adapts to various life situations (change of the place of residence, emergence in the house of other pets), to conditions of keeping.

American short-haired cat: description of breed, leaving and contents

History of origin of breed

The breed appeared approximately in the 17th century in itself as a result of pairing of the European short-haired cats, the delivered immigrants – colonists of the New World, with native American types. Gradually as a result of natural selection there were large, strong, hardy animals capable to resist to adverse climatic conditions, to protect property of the owners from damage by rodents.

At first the attention was practically not paid to eksteryerny features. Such qualities as well developed muscles, strong jaws, speed of reactions were main – all this provided initial purpose of cats – I catch rats and mice. Owners at that time even did not suspect that animals in the future will become national pride of the USA.

American short-haired cat: description of breed, leaving and contents
with the advent of new breeds, styles the cat - "American" was for a while forgotten. Nevertheless work of selectors was not interrupted, for improvement of appearance took representatives of other types, for example "Persians" in crossing .

Название breeds – the American short-haired cat, was approved in 1965, together with it to it the popularity came, animals received prize-winning places at the international exhibitions.

Exterior and character of a cat

The American short-haired cat is not vindictive, friendly with all people at all, treats emergence in the house of a dog calmly. He will constantly not remind of himself, following the owner everywhere. If the pet has an access to the street, here his talents of the hunter will surely be shown and as the animal very much loves a praise, obligatory production will be brought to the owner. The fan of height will choose as the vacation spot the highest case in the house.

The voice at these cats quite pleasant, but is mewed by them quite seldom, more often just silently opening a mouth. Independence – here the main line of their character, therefore often the pet will not allow to iron and squeeze himself.

American short-haired cat: description of breed, leaving and contents

The average weight of a female – 4-5 kg, males are much larger, their weight can reach 8.5 kg.

Signs characteristic of breed:

  1. Length of the head is more than width, cheeks are well developed. Ears of the average size. The eyes which are widely put, roundish, their color depends on a color of wool and happens green, blue or yellow.
  2. The constitution is strong, the thorax is well developed, a back wide. Legs of average length, paw roundish. The tail is thick, by the end it is rounded off.
  3. Wool soft, dense.

American short-haired cat: description of breed, leaving and contents

The American cat differs in a big variety of the drawing and a color of a wool cover:

  • silvery "tabb" – a striped or silver-black coloring;
  • purely - black;
  • red – chestnut;
  • brown "tabb" – with the gray classical or striped ("makrelevy") drawing:
  • blue – light-smoky;
  • purely - white;
  • red "tabb" – red with the striped drawing;
  • cream – light yellow;
  • two-color – white with black, red, gray or cream spots;
  • tortoise – a white hair with black, red or pale-yellow tips which form a unique pattern;
  • a silvery chinchilla – a radical part of hair purely - white with black points on the ends;
  • van – white with golden-yellow spots.

And the most popular silvery "tabb" are considered as classical, concede them brown a little.

Requirements to exhibition animals quite high. Disqualify cats for the slightest defects of a tail, a shortcoming or surplus of weight, prominent eyes, long wool, a rough constitution, behavior, uncharacteristic for breed.

American short-haired cat: description of breed, leaving and contents

Health and care of the pet

The animal differs in good health, immunity to infectious diseases. Nevertheless both kittens of the American short-haired cat, and adult individuals need vaccination from especially dangerous virus (rhinotracheitis, panleukopenia) and fungal (cutting deprive) diseases, periodic expulsion of helminths. Especially it is relevant if the pet walks on the street.

the Tendency of representatives of breed to a set of excess body weight among owners is well-known, therefore physical activities are necessary for a cat. If living conditions allow, it is possible to establish special short flights of stairs for the pet on which he will be able to make jumps and to run. Designers think out a set of options of cat's furniture which organically fits into a house interior.

"Americans" in contents are unpretentious. As the animal belongs to the category sleek-haired, leaving does not take a lot of time and consists in periodic combing of hair. In the period of a molt it is desirable to carry out this procedure daily. Regular survey of eyes and ears is necessary. Healthy cats are active, wool silky. If something is not pleasant to the owner being able and behavior of the pet, it is better to show it to the veterinarian.

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It is possible to buy a kitten from hands for 5-10 thousand rubles, at the same time guarantees that it is necessary breed, will not be. In specialized nurseries the animal from a family tree will cost 200-600 dollars which cost will depend on a rarity of a color, pedigree qualities, a family tree. In Russia such institutions are in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Cat breed American short-haired – the optimal variant for people, is a lot of time vanishing at work, appreciating silence and rest in the house.

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