• Jan 13, 2020
 American wire-haired a photo On a photo: the American wire-haired cat
the American wire-haired cats appeared as a result of a natural mutation in a dung of the American short-haired cats in 1966
American wire-haired – a cat of the average sizes with the peculiar wool reminding hair of a tiny lamb.
the Colour of the American wire-haired cats can be the most various, except spotty tabb.
Character of the American wire-haired cats combines in itself complaisance, endurance, ingenuity and playfulness. These are almost ideal pets, besides unpretentious in leaving.
Need for communication
Friendliness to children
Loyalty to other pets
of Golosistos
Ease in leaving
Information on breed
Origin of the USA
Group on wool Wire-haired
Life expectancy is About 15 years old
of Feature Wool unusual to the touch
Weight of 3.5 — 6 kg
to Whom suits For any family

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