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of U of whom is a cat, that can not be afraid of loneliness.

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Probably, more elegant cats, than Abyssinian beauties. In this breed the wild stateliness of their African ancestors and surprisingly friendly character are combined. They are full of pleasant surprises.
beautiful Abyssinian cat of a photo
  • Despite the very wild look, Abyssinians — very civilized creations. Easily adapt in the new house and become attached to the person.
  • Cats very curious, investigate each corner in the house and will check packages of purchases. You should not limit them in it.
  • It is very active breed. Prepare for a small meteor at home. Surely it is worth stocking up with various toys, brushes, kogtetochka. With age, they become quieter, but the playfulness remains forever.

kitten of an Abyssinian cat beautiful photo
  • Not the person trains a cat, and a cat of the person.
  • very much miss communication with the person. These are cats partners, a lot of communication is necessary to them.
  • Breed absolutely not aggressive.
  • Perfectly get on even with small children. Get on with other pets (except rodents and birds, they will have no chances to survive). Strongly become attached to the owner.
Abyssinian cat and child of a photo
  • Cats very much like to eat and they are omnivorous therefore it is necessary to watch that the pet did not steal food of the owners.
  • Very emotional. Actively show as joy, tenderness and love, and offense. Love when feel sorry for them, prefer to sleep with owners. Instead of hands prefer master's shoulders.
  • it is more preferable that in the house there were 2 same-sex representatives of breed: they very much like to play with each other and to communicate. In this case they will transfer more simply absence of the owner, that at work so far.
  • Cats sleek-haired also fade not strongly.
  • life Term standard for cats. Weak points: eyes (easily catch a cold from a draft and begin to water), problems with kidneys at more mature age are also possible.
  • Thermophilic cats. Adore batteries and heaters.
the Abyssinian cat poses a photoshoot
  • the Garrulity depends already on the cat. Some are very silent, others like to pomurchat to the owners about last day. Are not loud even in the period of a techka.
  • are Very clean. It is not necessary to bathe them, perfectly cope. As a rule, they do not love water though there are exceptions.
  • When choosing a kitten pay attention to the intuition whether there is a contact between you and an animal. Certainly, check documents and health of the pet. Before purchase of an animal get: carrying, bowls, toys, kogtetochka, tray. And surely put grids on windows!
  • the aggression, slackness, strips and spots in a color, "necklace" around a neck are considered as Defects.
Abyssinian cat on a photo window sill
This breed perfectly will approach:
  • for families with children,
  • to young couples which decided to bring the first pet,
  • to people who look for the friend partner.
Abyssinian cat on hands
of the Photo of an Abyssinian cat from personal archive of the manufacturer. You will find more photo in Instagram "

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