• Feb 17, 2020
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in the nature that cats dislike dogs, rodents and birds. Nevertheless by the nature they are the real predators therefore to contain in the house two conflicting views – a task not from simple if the cat regards the second pet as production. However I happened to be convinced on the example that even the little, but brave birdie can fight back a big and impudent cat. And happened to our Murzik.

Murza and Totoshka

Murz lives at us about 7 years. This is a big impudent cat with yellow eyes and the penetrating look and also nasty character, but we worship it. When we with the daughter found a bezdomysh in the cellar, minutes without doubting, took away it from the street home. Washed, brought fleas, fattened.

Murz grew up impressive, lazy, and his love to food made our favourite pet quite well-fed. Despite proletarian origin, a cat – a big gourmet and the sybarite. Idle pastime and love to cat's "luxury" – an integral part of his life.

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And still Murzik is allocated with nasty character and improbable obstinacy and impudence. If he hammered something into the huge fluffy head, then will try to obtain it in all possible and impossible ways, despite protests of owners.

But there was in our Carlson's life in a cat's appearance an incident. The girlfriend presented to the daughter for birthday of a wavy popugaychik whom we decided to name Totoshka.

Murzik could not believe the eyes when the cage with a birdie was placed on the foreground in the living room. It was noticeable that the cat apprehended the new neighbor as the biggest insult in the life, nobody even asked it.

Then for the first time the cat showed aggression, having tried to push a thick paw between rods and to seize a birdie, but we caught him behind this crime and lectured.

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Since that moment there were some more attempts from Murz to expel Totoshka from the territory. But all of them were stopped by us and the cat, apparently, reconciled. Well, or almost reconciled.

To tell more precisely, it found to itself(himself) new entertainment: waited until the popugaychik peacefully falls asleep, and then, having crept on tiptoe, sharply jumped on a cage.

The bird at this moment was frightened, shouted, waved wings and fought in cage rods, and Murzik is proud left the room with a happy grin and feeling of the fulfilled duty on a muzzle.

So there was time, and the parrot began to get used to the situation of affairs in family and to submissively suffer tricks of a cat.

Then the daughter also decided to teach him to talk. She was engaged with him on two hours a day, but no results of its effort were brought. The parrot continued to be silent as "the captured guerrilla" on interrogation at the enemy.

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One day, having had dinner, Murz decided to do the usual trick. Waited until Totoshka falls asleep, crept, but far from it.

Whether the parrot pretended to be, whether nevertheless the nourishing lunch did not allow a huge cat to creep absolutely silently, but it was caught by a parrot on the crime scene.

And at this moment a little birdie by a rough father's voice, having thoroughly repeated intonation, suddenly bellowed: "Murzik, disappear, cattle!".

It seems, in bottomless yellow eyes of a cat all life rushed. He got a fright and if could, would grab heart. Murz from the room so ran that I managed to make out only the sparkling pink heels.

Since then the cat does not pursue a parrot any more, but that realized that it cut through a voice, and became so talkative that it it is impossible to make silent.

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